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Five Reasons For Using A Sulphate-Free Shampoo

Shampoo is undoubtedly a bathroom essential that makes your hair feel clean and fresh. Unfortunately, that same product can also cause hair damage, making it dry, frizzy and prone to breakage.

You may not realise it, but often the culprit is sulphate, a common ingredient found in many shampoos on the market. It is a chemical used as a cleaning agent in household detergents and household cleaners. It has a powerful cleansing action, making it effective in removing excess oil and dirt from the scalp and hair.

While not dangerous, sulphates do have some downsides that you should be aware of. Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing a sulphate-free shampoo.

#1. Sulphates Strip Natural Oils From Your Hair And Scalp

Your hair’s natural oil is the best conditioner available, so you shouldn’t replace or get rid of it. Natural oils add shine to your hair and offer protection against damage. The deep cleansing capability of sulphates means that they can wash away your hair and scalp’s natural oil, leaving your hair brittle and dry. Sulphates can also destroy the cuticle structure of your hair, weakening your hair strands and making them susceptible to split ends and frizz.

Sulphates can also prove too harsh for some users and may cause itchiness in those with sensitive hair or skin.

#2. Sulphates Cause Hair Colour To Fade Fast

If you have colour-treated hair, you might be better off ditching sulphates and looking for an alternative shampoo. Sulphates can be too strong and might strip out colour from your hair, making it fade very quickly.

The strong cleaning action of sulphates may remove the colour pigments, triggering or aggravating the colour-fading process. If you’re experiencing premature greying, the sulphates and other ingredients in your shampoo could be to blame. If you don’t switch to a sulphate-free shampoo, you will literally be washing the money you spent on your hair down the drain.

It is best to use sulphate-free, colour-safe shampoo and hair products to lock in moisture and preserve your hair colour. Since these hair care products are gentle, they are less likely to strip away natural oils or wash away synthetic hair dye.

#3. Sulphate-Free Shampoo Is Gentle On Your Scalp

Although you’ll find different types of sulphates in use across the cosmetics industry, the most popular ones in the hair care market are sodium laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate. Their intensity varies, but both can be irritating to the hair or skin, particularly around the mouth and eyes. People with sensitivities or allergies to these chemicals may be particularly vulnerable.  If you have sensitive skin, sulphates may also cause acne and clog pores. 

Individuals with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis who use a shampoo containing sulphates may experience cracking, itching and redness on their scalp after use. Much better to use a sulphate-free shampoo which is safe and gentle on your skin and scalp.

#4. Your Hair Is Dry, Rough And Frizzy

A sulphate-free shampoo is perfect if your hair is prone to tangling and is naturally frizzy, dry and curly. Sulphates and other chemical additives will make such hair issues worse. If your hair is coarse and rough instead of soft and smooth, that may be the reason.

By washing off your hair’s moisture and natural oils, sulphates could increase the friction experienced by your strands and cause hair dryness. In contrast, sulphate-free shampoos can keep your hair hydrated, making it feel nice and silky to the touch.

#5. You Want To Repair Hair Damage

If your hair is damaged and fragile, you have even more reason to ditch shampoos with sulphates. Damaged hair will recover much more slowly if it is lacking hydration and natural oil, and we have seen that sulphates can strip these elements from your hair. Sulphate-free hair products will help keep moisture on your hair and maintain the natural oil on your hair and scalp.

Moreover, sulphate-free shampoos work better for those with low porosity hair. If the hair has low porosity, it means that the structure does not easily allow the moisture to be absorbed in the hair shaft. Shampoos without sulphate help tame frizz by moisturising hair and keeping it shiny and healthy.

Living Sulphate-Free Lifestyle

While sulphates are incredible cleaning agents that are great for eliminating dirt from your hair and scalp, they have some downsides that you should not ignore. Switching to a sulphate-free shampoo will bring life back to your hair, ensuring it remains smooth, healthy and strong.

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