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Eight Hacks To Fake Thicker, Fuller Hair

Having thick, full hair is the goal of many, but not everyone is fortunate enough to have a volumised mane. Perhaps, yours is naturally fine and thin, or you’ve got an oily scalp that causes your hair to look limp and flat even with regular washes. With various factors causing constant shedding and hair thinning, it’s only natural to look for ways to grow thick and long hair. Lack of hair volume and coverage sometimes leads to people trying different formulas or even pills, hoping they will work.

No matter your hair type, you could use a little bit of volume and bounce. The thing about growing hair, however, is that there’s no one correct way of doing it. You should, therefore, think twice before investing in pricey supplements and salon services or spending a lot of time fussing over a complicated hairstyle. Instead, take a look at the following tricks that will give your hair a thicker and fuller look.

Fake It With A Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is your friend when you’re trying to add lift and volume to your hair. Thanks to its natural oil-absorbing ingredients, it helps bring limp strands back to life by absorbing sweat and excess oil while refreshing your hair. To apply, shake the formula and spray it into your hair about thirty centimetres away from your hair roots.

When you use it before bed, it will work on the roots and lift them beautifully by the morning. Your braid or sleeping pattern will also add gorgeous waves and natural curls to your mane.

Cheat With A New Hair Colour

A new colour could give your hair that look of thickness and volume you crave. By covering the strands, hair colour thickens the fibre and makes hair appear fuller. Don’t just pick any hair dye, however, and avoid applying one colour all over, as it can make your tresses look flat and one-dimensional. Instead, opt for a multidimensional shade which adds volume and natural shine to your mane.

Get A Haircut

You want your hair to grow long and voluminous, so cutting it may seem counterintuitive, but a longer length can be heavy. It can weigh your hair down, especially if you have fine, straight hair.

Specific haircuts, such as pixie, lobs and bobs, will fake the look of more volume and introduce a bit of texture to your hair. If you combine a new haircut with the right hair colour, you can instantly make your tresses look lighter, fuller and thicker all around.

Switch Your Haircare System

Dull and limp hair could be an indication that you need to change your haircare system. Perhaps, the weather has changed, or you’ve started exercising to the extent that more oils and sweat are building up in your hair and scalp. Any changes in your environment or your activities that affect your hair could also mean you need to switch up your shampoo and conditioner.

It’s all about making sure you’re using products that won’t weigh your hair down. Use a haircare formula that helps promote thickness and volume and avoid any product containing sulphate.

Try A Different Side Parting

It could be that your hair is looking thin and lifeless because you’ve styled it the same way forever and a day. So, why not try a different side parting to give yourself more volume and an excellent new look? A centre or middle part tends to make the hair appear flat so try switching to a side part, though if you’re already wearing a side part, you could switch sides occasionally.

Add Some Layers

The next time you see your stylist, ask them to add subtle layers to your hair. Long hair can be heavy, but you may not want to get a short haircut to fake volume. If you’re going to keep its length but need some life and bounce, getting layers is the best way to go.

Curl It

An instant way to make your locks look fuller and more prominent is by curling them from roots to tips. Even beachy waves will do the trick if you don’t want small coils. If you prefer to skip styling tools, use the humble Velcro rollers to create tiny, tight ringlets or voluminous loose curls. The style depends on the roller’s size and how you use it. Just be mindful of the tension you’re using and the section size. Ideally, it should be around the same size as your roller.

Experiment With Hair Mousse

Hair mousse can be an excellent option when styling hair without using heat. It’s also ideal if you want to add shape and definition to your curls. Use this formula correctly, and you’ll soon be sporting bouncy hair that’s full of life and texture.


Full, luscious locks aren’t bestowed on everybody and, unfortunately, there’s no magic pill that will grow long, thick hair quickly. That doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with a lifeless and dull-looking mane all your life. Thankfully, there are many beauty hacks you can try to achieve the appearance of thick tresses in no time.

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