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Effective Ways To Straighten Your Hair Without Heat

The task of making your hair look straight and sleek often feels like untangling a hard knot. When you use hot styling tools to straighten your hair, it may cause hair breakage. Over time, ceramic straighteners, blow-dryers and hot curling irons will all damage your hair, giving it a dry and coarse look, no matter how well you style it.

Non-Heat Hacks For Straightening Your Hair

Straightening hair doesn’t have to involve heat. Here are a few tricks to straighten your hair without burning or drying it with hot air. Keep in mind that some of these tricks work best for people with fine hair and slight waves. Those with other hair textures will find it more challenging to get straight hair looks without compromising their hair’s health. However, if you want to style your hair with a little bounce or a slight curl, there are various options available to you. Consider adding the tips in this article to your styling arsenal. Even if you don’t get it right the first time, just continue trying different trick combos until you get the look you’re pleased with.

1. Blow Dry Your Hair Using Cool Air

If you’re used to getting sleek and straight hair using the timeless blowout, you may consider making slight changes to your methods and using cool air. Leave your hair to dry about three quarters into the process, then part your hair into sections as you would normally do. Switch your blow-dryer to the ”cool” setting, ensuring you move the dryer across your hair from root to tip. Don’t keep it any closer to your hair than 6 inches as you dry. This procedure doesn’t take too much time, but it may require using a spray-on conditioner and straightening serum at your tips to tame the strands. Using a hot blow-dryer can cause damage to the hair shaft, but cool air is less harmful than just air drying.

2. Wrap Your Hair

Hair wrapping is a popular way of straightening hair without heat, but not everyone can do it effectively. The epic news is that there are many tutorials on hair wrapping online aimed at almost all hair types! Although there are various styling methods for different hair lengths and textures, the basics are similar in all of them. It helps if you have bobby pins, also called roller pins, about three inches long and a satin turban or hair wrapping scarf.

Wrap your hair by separating the top part of your hair where it is divided and comb out flatly using a comb with fine-tooth. Holding the hair tightly, take it to the other side and clip it to the side with a pin. Repeat this method for the various sections of your hair and keep it secure using a hair turban before sleeping at night.

3. Roll Your Hair Using Plastic Rollers

If you get plastic rollers in a bigger size, you can get wavy hair with lots of volume and a shiny set with no heat. All you’ve got to do is part your wet hair and roll it before going to bed. Using these rollers may require practice, but it is a favourite of people with mid to long hair lengths. You can find videos online to get a better understanding of the concept.

4. Use Products That Straighten Hair

You can find various products that help straighten hair, such as conditioners, shampoos and hairsprays.  Everything you need to help you achieve relaxed hair is available. You can start by experimenting with products designed to keep your hair straight or make styling your hair easy. Smoothing serums and spray on conditioners can cover your hair strands, pulling them down and making your curls relax.

5. Sleep With Your Hair Wet

Does sleeping with your hair wet sound unimaginable? If you can’t sleep with big rollers or your head wrapped, you can start small. A simple way is to sleep with your hair wet. Tie a loose ponytail using a headband, then wrap your hair in a bun shape. Secure the hair with a hair tie. If you want to sleep with your hair wet, consider buying a satin pillowcase. It will reduce the friction between your hair and the pillow when you move about during your sleep. It’ll make your hair look straight once you let it loose in the morning.

You can also try on a hair mask to deep condition the hair. It’ll restore hair protein and keep the hair relaxed. Another option is to apply essential oils. They include amongst others, argan oil, almond oil and coconut oil that permeate your skin and repair worn-out cells. The bonus factor is that these hacks involve no heat.

The Bottom Line

Achieving straight and healthy hair is not an impossible task. Although you can’t find two identical hair textures, you can experiment with different methods to achieve shinier and straighter hair. You may want to talk to an expert hairstylist on various hairstyles and treatments that will give you an awesome look with no heat damage.

When you style your hair a particular way, it trains your hair to follow a particular pattern. But don’t overdo it or you may cause hair loss or damage. Rock your curly hair often and love how your hair grows, but if you want something different, try one of these hacks today and enjoy great-looking straight hair.

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