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Could Coronavirus Related Stress Be Leading To More Cases of Hair Loss?

Telogen effluvium is a form of hair loss whose symptoms include excessive hair shedding. If you suddenly find you’re losing more hair in the shower than before, or you notice more hair on your brush, this could be an early sign. However, hair shedding occurs commonly as hair growth goes through its natural cycle. In any given moment, 90% of your hair is growing, 5% is at rest, and 5% is shedding. It’s when this dynamic gets upset, and you start shedding more, then alarm bells should start ringing.

In many cases, the condition will usually go away in a few months, but, it’s difficult to detect because the scalp is healthy and there is no itching. However, in some instances, the hair loss brings on, even more, worry and stress, making the hair loss worse.

The indirect impact of Covid-19

You may have been lucky enough to keep safe from the virus, but the impact of the pandemic has been global. People are losing jobs, which piles on the pressure and stress of providing for families and loved ones. Worrying about your finances, employment and the health of your loved ones will undoubtedly lead to stress. If this stress goes, unchecked it may inevitably lead to hair loss.

Stress is the body’s natural reaction to emotional and physical challenges. Controlling your stress through exercise and other behaviours may help in the short term. However, if the cause of the stress persists, you may need to take additional steps to bring hair loss under control. Here’s what you can do to look after your hair:

  • Exercise boosts your morale and reduces stress.
  • Eating a balanced diet and taking supplements including vitamin D, iron and other multivitamins.

Seeking Medical Help

If you are struggling to keep hair loss under control, perhaps it’s time you consult a hair loss specialist. There are treatments available which will help boost hair growth and minimise hair loss. Rogaine is one form of therapy which affects the hair cycle by pushing dormant hair into the growing phase. It is available in various types such as a topical application for your scalp.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers several solutions to hair loss for men and women. A detailed consultation will help identify the cause of your hair problem and help to find the right solution best for you. Visit the treatments page and get in touch with a professional today.