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Can You Use Gua Sha For Hair And Scalp?

It’s practically impossible to look at social media without seeing celebrities and beauty gurus massaging their faces with a flat crystal gua sha stone. While this current skincare method may appear to be a new trend, it has been around for hundreds of years. This ancient Chinese practice originally emerged as a wellness ritual during the Ming Dynasty.

These stones were commonly used to massage sick people back to health. Today, they are popular in cosmetic regimens designed to improve the skin’s overall appearance. However, your skincare routine should not stop with your complexion. Gua sha massage can also assist your scalp and, by extension, your hair. Let’s dig a little deeper into this rejuvenating therapy to find out how gua sha might benefit your hair and scalp.

What Exactly Is Gua Sha, And How Does It Work?

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese treatment for treating the neck, face and décolletage. Its role in the massage of the skin promotes circulation and lymphatic drainage. The gua sha stone, which commonly consists of jade or rose quartz, is central to the procedure. The rocks are usually flat with some straight and curved edges. Some practitioners of the traditional treatment also use amethyst and obsidian.

How do you use gua sha on your skin? The procedure is simple. You hold it taut with your fingertips while applying gentle to medium pressure, scraping or gliding the tool upward in various motions around the jaw, cheekbones, forehead and even the eye area. When it comes to your scalp, circular motions of the stone are recommended.

How Often Should You Apply Gua Sha?

You can gua sha your scalp as often as you want, from once a week to several times a day. Since you don’t need to use a gliding motion when applying gua sha techniques to your scalp, you can incorporate this practice into your daily routine without using any products. That’s one reason why it’s suitable for everyday use.

Even if you use a scalp product, you can still do gua sha on the scalp every day. If you decide to use scalp oil, you should wait until you’re ready to wash your hair before doing so. Ingredients in these formulae might occasionally weigh down the root area. It can cause hair to become oily too soon.

What Role Does Gua Sha Have In Hair Growth?

Gua sha instruments can provide acupressure to the scalp, improve circulation and support healthy hair development. Since acupressure techniques are used to stimulate hair growth, you may be particularly keen to try gua sha if you have an active hair loss problem like alopecia areata. The technique is unsuitable for that kind of condition, however, and you would be better advised trying herbal treatment and stress management instead.

The Benefits Of Using Gua Sha For Hair And Scalp

Improved blood flow is one of the important benefits of gua sha for your body. The oxygen and pH levels in the blood play a significant role in blood health. Gua sha dramatically increases circulation in the soft and connective tissues beneath the skin.

Acupressure and massage tools can improve a person’s overall well-being and help reduce anxiety levels. Furthermore, gua sha has numerous health benefits that positively affect your hair and scalp. It is a handy and secure tool for most people to use from this perspective.

Improves Scalp Blood Circulation

When you use a jade comb to massage your hair, you strengthen your scalp and help to increase blood circulation. This has the effect of relieving tension and stress. Stress, remember, can affect the quality of your hair and scalp. Since gua sha has this very positive effect on blood circulation, it’s another option to consider if you’re feeling stressed.

Boosts Hair Growth

Gua sha is a tool that helps with acupressure point stimulation. Massaging your scalp with a gua sha stone will help stimulate the hair roots, resulting in better hair growth.


Gua sha is a magical tool that stimulates the acupressure points, resulting in healthier, longer and smoother hair. Used regularly, it helps increase blood circulation in the scalp, thus reducing stress and tension

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