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What Is The No-Poo Method And How Does It Work?

The lockdown kicked off this year’s beauty craze. The transition in haircare is evident, from hair colouring to an increased focus on ‘clean beauty.’ The ‘no-poo’ hair technique is one such trend that arose from people being bored in their houses for long periods.

Don’t be confused by the term; this trend has nothing to do with day-to-day bodily functions! ‘No poo’ is short for ‘no shampoo’. It entails eliminating shampoos from your hair regimen. The aim is to wash your hair with water or entirely natural alternatives to give your scalp a break. While this may appear unappealing to some, the craze has gathered many followers. Continue reading to find out why this strategy got to be so popular.

What Exactly Is No-Poo, And Why Is It So Popular?

No-poo is a hair-cleaning concept and approach that doesn’t use standard shampoo. It’s a method that appeals to many people for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s because they don’t want to strip their hair of the healthy, natural oils produced by the scalp. Others simply want to use fewer synthetic chemicals in their daily lives. No-poo also means not spending any more money on cleaning than is necessary.

Is No-Poo Suitable For You?

Trying no-poo is a low-risk approach. The idea of not using shampoo on your hair is not so outrageous; daily baths and shampooing are, in fact, a relatively new trend. If you have a background of skin or scalp problems, you should consult your healthcare professional or dermatologist before trying it. Otherwise, almost anyone can give no-poo a shot. Consider the following things to see if it’s right for you.

The first thing to keep in mind is that if you have thin or fine hair, skipping shampoo may be more challenging because your hair will become oilier faster. You can gradually stretch the interval between washes for a few weeks before eliminating shampoo altogether. The benefits of no-poo may be most pronounced for people with curly or coarse hair. The scalp’s natural oils can make hair softer and less curly.

What Is The Most Effective No-Poo Method?

Some folks will benefit from some no-poo methods more than others. The only way to find out if you like the result is to give it a shot. Remember to watch your hair and scalp’s health if you try it. If you’re experiencing any issues, speak with your doctor or a dermatologist.

The no-poo approach will cause your hair to become greasier than usual during the transition period. No-poo enthusiasts argue that this phase is essential to help your scalp re-calibrate and start producing the proper quantity of oil for your hair. However, there is no scientific evidence to back up this assertion.

Three Steps To Switch To No-Poo Methods

No-poo may or may not be suitable for your hair. It all depends on the condition and structure of your hair. To give yourself the best possible chance of success, follow these steps.

Get Ready For The Oily Change

The transition period begins when you stop using shampoo and try to go as long as possible without washing your hair. To reach the goal of less frequent washing, some people leave longer gaps between washings with regular shampoo to prepare for the shift. Others prefer to wash their hair with water every day. Typically, it will take approximately six weeks for your hair to change.

Examine Your Hair’s Porosity

Porosity is a measurement of how well your hair receives and retains hydration. Much depends upon whether your hair cuticles are open or closed. Understanding your hair’s porosity can help you make the change and will educate you on how to better care for your hair.

Nurture Your Hair To Grow

The health of your hair will deteriorate if you have hard water and chlorine flowing from your shower head. You can support your hair through this change by doing a few things. Buying a chlorine shower filter will help maintain good water quality while also ensuring the health of your skin.

You can nurture longer hair strands and make them feel less unclean by manually dispersing excess oil away from your scalp. Brushing your hair with a hairbrush can help pull the oil to the tips and absorb part of it. You can also think ahead to make the shift go more smoothly. Make a list of hairstyles and hats for your greasy hair days.


There are numerous reasons to attempt the no-poo approach to washing your hair. While the process is available to everyone, not everyone will have the same experience; hair will react differently depending on an individual’s hair porosity. No matter how your hair responds, no-poo is a low-risk experiment if you want to give it a shot.

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