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Can Rice Water Make My Hair Grow?

Rice is a good source of carbohydrates, calcium, iron, folate, Vitamin E and many other nutrients. So, here’s an interesting question: does the water in which you rinse the rice also contain these same nutrients? And, if that is indeed the case, what can you use this rice water for?

In recent years, the benefits of rice water for hair growth have been the subject of many scientific studies. However, the practice of using it for hair growth and hair care has been around for centuries. Women in ancient Japan would soak their combs in rice water to give their hair a natural, long look.

We all want strong, healthy hair. People spend a lot of money, time and effort in pursuit of it. Does rice water provide a cheaper and more natural way of getting the healthy hair you want? Have a look at these scientifically proven facts about rice water and decide for yourself.

Benefits Of Rice Water To Hair Growth

According to scientists, rice water is rich in vitamins A, B, C and E. Hair needs vitamin A for growth. It also needs biotin, the best-known B-vitamin associated with hair growth and which is used in hair loss treatments. Most studies link biotin deficiency to hair loss and slow hair growth.

Vitamin C, for its part, helps the body absorb iron, a mineral essential for hair growth. Vitamin E, meanwhile, is an antioxidant similar to vitamin C. It is known to prevent catabolic stress, one of the main contributors to hair loss and slow hair growth. Here are some other ways in which rice water aids hair growth:

Increased Hair Elasticity

According to a study made by the International Journal of Cosmetic Science (IJCS), the use of rice water increases hair elasticity, which is the ability of one’s hair to stretch without damaging the strands. The B-vitamins found in rice water help not only to grow hair but also to strengthen it.

Braiding, banding and using roller sets are just some common methods women use to stretch their hair. These are much more beneficial ways of promoting hair elasticity than, say, using a flat iron. Adding rice water to any of these haircare routines will indeed improve natural elasticity while minimising breakage.

Rice Water Helps Hair Detangling

Tangled hair is every woman’s nightmare, one that rice water will help put to bed permanently. Constant use of harsh haircare products, together with an overreliance on heat styling devices, may cause your hair to tangle. Rinsing your hair in rice water or using a comb soaked in rice water will help detangle hair the natural way. Improved hair texture and less friction and frizz will, in time, boost one’s hair growth.

Cleanses The Hair And Scalp

Unlike most shampoos and conditioners bought from stores, rice water is free from chemicals and preservatives that could harm your hair. It also keeps the hair’s natural oil intact, fights dry scalp and dandruff and stimulates hair growth. Clean hair is not only desirable for the sake of your appearance but also necessary for hair growth and health.

Shines And Smoothes The Hair Strands

The even distribution of natural hair oils results in shiny hair, as well as closed and smooth cuticles. Applying rice water regularly to your hair during hair washing helps maintain and restore your scalp’s natural oils. These natural oils that keep the hair soft and shiny also speed up its growth and improve its strength.

Lowers The Risk Of Hair Loss And Hair Fall

Heredity, stress, scalp infection and improper haircare routines are significant causes of hair loss. Most common natural remedies for hair loss include massaging the scalp, applying coconut milk as well as other natural oils like jojoba oil and rosemary oil. Likewise, the biotin and amino acids present in rice water strengthen the hair’s hold in the scalp and assists the faster growth of hair.


The state of your hair helps boost self-confidence, both professionally and in social situations. Using rice water allows people to resort to a more natural way of enhancing the look and condition of their hair. There are rice water rinses available on the market, but these can be made at home too; beauty, health, and comfort do not have to be expensive or a hassle.

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