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Big Hair Problems? Here are 7 Ways To Manage Thick Hair

Having thick, luscious hair is the goal of many people since it is often associated with good health and strong willpower. However, it’s also the case that those born with a head full of thick locks know the struggle of managing their mane.

Sure, it’s nice not having to worry about shedding because you have so much to spare, but big hair can be challenging to maintain. And what about the time required to style it and the constant struggle with frizz? Sometimes, there’s so much of it you don’t know what to do, which is why it can be a blessing and a curse. So, if you’re one of the lucky-stroke-unlucky ones, here’s a list of some thick hair tips and tricks to help you better control your big hair.

Rinse In Cool Water

You may not realise it, but the temperature of the water you use for rinsing and washing your hair can affect your hair quality. That’s why your choice of cold or hot water plays a crucial role in maintaining the strength, life and shine of your tresses.

When the roots come in contact with hot water, the pores of the hair follicles expand and open up. On the other hand, cold water causes pores to contract and keeps them locked up tightly. It also closes cuticle layers that hot water ruptured while restoring lipid bonds and keratin. This action gives your hair shaft a well-defined, soft texture and heals its frizz. So, make sure you wash and rinse your hair with cool water the next time you’re in the shower!

Be Picky With Your Shampoo And Conditioner

Being ‘picky’ doesn’t mean investing only in luxurious and expensive shampoo and conditioner. In the context of your haircare system, it means ensuring you get the right products that will help your hair feel smooth and easier to manage.

Choose a sulphate-free shampoo and hydrating conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down but will prevent your strands from drying and breaking. Another welcome addition to your big hair arsenal is a product with marula oil formulated to hydrate and moisturise dry, curly hair. On the other hand, skip volumising shampoos and conditioners, as they can make your hair look more prominent.

Incorporate A Hair Treatment

Thick, voluminous hair tends to feel rough, dry and puffy. To transform your unflattering locks and achieve a shinier, silkier feel and appearance, don’t hesitate to add a natural hair treatment to your routine.

Pick a formula with wheat proteins that can help retain moisture in your hair, keeping it nourished and less prone to dryness. Also, a hair mask made from honey and coconut oil is ideal for soothing the scalp and improving your hair health.

Keep It Moisturised

If you have thick, long hair, keeping it moisturised should be one of your top priorities. Although your body moisturises your hair naturally, thanks to your scalp’s sebaceous glands, this natural moisturising system may not be enough. Overdoing it with styling, washing or treatments can cause dryness and disrupt sebum production in your scalp.

So, if your thick hair has become dry and coarse, you should consider a deep moisturising treatment. For example, you could try shea butter and argan oil, which are perfect for dry hair.

Apply Hair Cream For Shine And Control

Hair creams are known for adding a natural shine to rough hair. Not only do they remove fly-away and frizz, but they also provide essential nourishment to your locks. One way to maximise the styling and nourishing power of hair cream is to apply it before blow-drying. It serves as a heat protectant while controlling and keeping your strands in place.

Tame Your Frizz With A Flat Iron

The trendy flat iron is a must-have tool for anyone with big hair. It leaves your hair looking sleek, smooth and easier to manage. Make sure you use it on dry hair, though; your hair is at its most vulnerable when it’s wet. It’s also vital that you pick the most suitable flat iron for your hair type. Always use a heat protectant before straightening your hair.

Book An Appointment With Your Stylist

If your hair has become too thick to tame, book an appointment with your stylist for a trim. Discuss your concerns so that they can determine the right haircut to complement your look and flatter your texture. Whether you’re looking for a short, medium-length, or long hairstyle, your stylist will help you pick a haircut that delivers the best result.


If you’re like most people, you’ll want lovely, luscious hair that looks beautiful and healthy. But managing thick hair isn’t as easy as it seems. It tangles easily, poofs up when brushed, and doesn’t always stay in place. Follow the tips in this article, however, and you should be able to manage those thick and dense strands!

With thicker hair, it’s easier to spot when things aren’t quite right. If you’re experiencing unusual hair fall, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. Get in touch with us by sending an email or pick up the phone and give us a call. Book your complimentary consultation today!