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Beard Grooming: 4 Easy Tips For Maintaining Your Beard

If you think growing a beard is a hassle-free activity, you need to think again. The beard requires regular care to keep the hair and skin below it moisturised. Neglect it at your peril! You risk growing a miserable, brittle beard if you don’t take care of it religiously. Not sure how to go about that? Read on.

A Beard Care Routine Will Help Me…

Avoid Brittle Beard

When the natural oils in our facial hair and skin are stripped away, our beards begin to dry out and become chapped. This often happens when you use unsuitable products to care for your beard. To avoid a brittle beard, use cosmetics that will not strip away the natural oils from your hair and skin.

Make A Good First Impression

Flaky skin or stray, unkempt beard hair will stick out like a sore thumb. You’ve gone to the trouble of growing your beard, so make sure it looks the best with the aid of high-quality products.

Stop The Skin From Flaking

Beard dandruff is a common symptom of a scruffy beard. It appears when the skin beneath your facial hair dries out, causing inflammation and peeling skin. Ensuring that your skin remains well-moisturised should be a top priority as you develop your beard regimen.

Steps For The Best Beard-Care Regimen

It takes roughly 2 to 4 months to grow a full beard. So, when you’re going to invest all this time, why not do it properly?

Brushing Your beard

  • Comb: Combing your beard is the most practical way of retaining and enhancing its quality. Surprisingly, not everyone with a beard is aware of that essential fact. If it hasn’t been part of your beard routine up until now, make it so!
  • Brush before shower: Before you shower, brush your beard and let it settle. Brushing it will remove any dead skin beneath your beard. For best outcomes, brush against and over the grain. If you have dry skin, it may collect on the tips of your bristles but don’t worry; it’ll be much easier to wash off in the shower now.
  • Rub the skin with soft bristles: When you’ve finished brushing, rub the skin underneath your beard in a circular motion. Use a brush with soft bristles to do it. This won’t irritate the skin. It will increase the blood supply and activate the follicles.

Beard Trimming

  • Trim: Trimming your beard is essential to keep it looking neat and tidy. Use scissors rather than trimmers. Trimmers are more likely to lead to broken ends, whereas scissors allow for greater precision.
  • Cut loose ends: Check your beard every few weeks for rough spots or loose ends. Snip these off with scissors, taking care to follow the face’s normal contours. Maintain a triangular shape with all hair at the same length.
  • Clip the coarse hair: As with rough spots and loose ends, check your beard regularly for coarse hair. Use a small comb to find the coarse strands that need clipping.

Washing Your Beard

While everyone is aware of the importance of personal grooming, it is a little-known fact that your beard is much dirtier than the rest of your body. Not only do you touch it many times during the day, but there’s also the food and drink that ends up on your whiskers no matter how cautious you are.

  • Wash it regularly: You don’t need to wash your beard daily, as this will only dry it out. Aim for 2-3 times a week, depending on your body chemistry and how busy you are. Facial hair has a coarser, more distinct texture than the rest of the hair, so you’ll need to use an adapted beard wash to keep it clean without harming your hair or skin. Standard shampoo can dry out the beard and scalp, making it flaky, dry and brittle.
  • Use a gentle shampoo: Lather up with a gentle, natural shampoo. Make sure the whole beard gets covered. Lower the water temperature to lukewarm or cold for this phase. Hot water dries out the skin and may cause dandruff.
  • Use proper drying methods: If you’re going to blow dry your hair, avoid using hot air. This dries out every strand from the roots, making them fragile and prone to splitting. To avoid harm, make sure you pat your beard dry or choose the coolest setting possible on the dryer.

Beard Oil/Beard Balm

Beard oil is an essential aspect of any beard care regimen. It moisturises and softens your beard hair as well as the skin underneath. Unlike heavy moisturisers, oil is thin enough to pass through the hair. It covers the skin, leaving it hydrated and concealed.

  1. Take a few drops: Begin by putting three drops on your hand.
  2. Spread the oil on the palm: Spread the oil over your palm and fingertips. After this, run your palms across your lips and down the front of your face.
  3. Spread it throughout: Run your hands down the length of your beard’s neck. Then, cover your moustache with your thumbs.
  4. Distribute it: Comb it back to distribute the oil.
  5. Oil after showering: After showering, rub your preferred beard oil onto your beard. You can also use a beard balm.


The growth of your beard is highly dependent upon a good beard-care routine. If you follow the tips in this blog post, you’ll be well on your way to having a fine, healthy beard. If your beard isn’t growing the way you’d like it to, or if you have any wider concerns about hair loss, you can always talk to an expert at Vinci Hair Clinic. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation. Why wait – get in touch today!  

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