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Are Your Hairstyle Choices Damaging Your Hair?

If your hair isn’t in tip-top condition, don’t be too hard on yourself. It might not be your fault. We live in a world of environmental pollutants and contaminants that get in your hair and degrade it every day. It’s an uphill struggle, therefore, to keep your tresses shiny and healthy. That’s why you should avoid doing anything that makes the task even harder, yet many of us do just that. Poor hairstyle and haircare choices can not only take the shine off your hair, but they can also take the hair off your head.

This article is going to examine some of the worst offenders. Read on to discover more!

Kardashian TikTok Images

Images of Kim Kardashian posted by her daughter on TikTok recently caused something of a minor storm on the platform. The images showed Kardashian’s natural hair, and it didn’t look in good shape. Fans wondered if some of the star’s hairstyle choices, such as going bleached blonde to look like Marilyn Munroe, were causing her to lose her hair. Others acknowledged that strong chemicals and heat damage could be a factor but suggested that her trademark tight hairstyles were a more likely cause. Many questioned if the social media star was experiencing a case of traction alopecia.

Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia is one type of hair loss for which blame cannot be apportioned to our genes or illness or advancing years. Quite simply, we bring it on ourselves. It happens when we put prolonged stress on our hair follicles through improper haircare methods or tight hairstyles. The hair follicle becomes damaged and, eventually, scarred. It then stops producing hair.

Hair loss through traction alopecia is generally reversible if you catch it early enough. Rather than focusing on what you can do after it happens, however, it’s much better to stop it from happening in the first place. That means, for a start, avoiding some of the most damaging hairstyles. Here are five of the worst offenders.

Damaging Hairstyles

Tight, heavy dreadlocks might look good, but they’re certainly not kind to your hair if worn for a long time. The tight, twisted style and their combined weight create tension in the hair follicles. This can cause a receding hairline and bald spots on the scalp.

The slicked-back bun, popularised in 2022 by Hailey Bieber, is another hairstyle that can lead to hair loss problems. The same goes for tight buns in general, whether they sit at the top, side or back of the head. They are clean, smooth styles that add sophistication and chic to any look, but the strain they put on your strands and hair follicles means there’s a price to pay further down the road.

Tight cornrows have been around for thousands of years. They’ve survived so long because they are a neat-looking style, but they can cause damage if they’re fixed too tightly. Worn loosely and for shorter periods, cornrows are a safe and comfortable style.

Heavy braids are often a fashionable option for people looking to change from their usual do. It’s quite a heavy style that can put pressure on the hair follicles if left for too long. Lighter braids worn for a shorter period are the way to go.

Like tight buns, ponytail extensions were all the rage in 2022. Tied too tightly or worn for too long and they can cause problems for your scraped-back hairline and the hair on the side of your head.

Signs of Trouble

If you suspect your choice of hairstyles over the years has left you vulnerable to traction alopecia, there are signs to watch out for. If you notice redness, soreness, or stinging on the scalp area, you should immediately relax your hair if you’re wearing a tight style and see a hair expert to discuss the problem. Any kind of itchiness or scaling is also a red flag.

The good news is that hair loss from traction alopecia is often a temporary phase. If you catch it early enough, the damage to your hair should be reversible. Fail to take action, however, and you could be looking at permanent damage to your hair follicles.

End Note

If you’re concerned about the condition of your hair, particularly if you’re worried about thinning or excessive hair fall, you should speak to a hair expert as soon as possible. These problems are treated most effectively when they’re caught early.

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