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Are You Using Hairspray The Right Way? Read On To Find Out!

Your hairspray is more than just a grooming product that holds your hairstyle in place. Much like your shampoo and conditioner, hairsprays vary in ingredients and formulation. For example, there’s one variation with a lightweight hold and another with a super-strong hold. There are also hairsprays for taming flyaways and frizz and ones formulated to keep those curls perfectly coiled. So, make sure you know which product to use before heading to the beauty store.

If you’ve been using it for a while now, you might think you know enough about this product. But hairsprays have tons of benefits and uses that most people don’t know about. Although this classic product has been around for decades, many people still get confused. But that doesn’t mean you should be intimidated or avoid using hairspray.

7 Expert Tips For Using Hairspray

Determining which hairspray to use and how to use it for your hair type can be a bit tricky even for the savviest stylists. But don’t worry! We’ll help you find the right formula for your hair type. We’ve also discovered some tips and tricks on how to master the art of spraying to help you maximise the power of this essential styling product.

Use Hairspray For Extra Volume

You want to have more voluminous and fuller hair, but hair extensions are too expensive. So, add a spritz or two of a volume-boosting hairspray and it will do the trick for you. Of course, your hairspray will not miraculously increase your hair volume in an instant, but it will create an illusion of fuller and livelier hair. It can also give your dull-looking locks a natural shine, so your tresses will look beautiful and healthy all day long.

Keep It Away From Your Roots!

If you’re one of the many women who think you should spray directly on your hair roots, think again. Applying hairspray in this way could leave your scalp feeling heavy and oily. Also, if you hold the nozzle too close to your strands and spray, it may not apply evenly. Instead, it might simply build up in one place. You don’t want to hover too long on one area either, as this will also result in an uneven application.

So, to get the most from the product, it’s best to hold the container at least fifteen centimetres away from your hair. This distance should be enough to achieve an even layer and sufficient hold.

Pick The Right Strength

Since hairsprays come in many different varieties, determining which product to use for your hair can be tricky. The key to finding the right spray for you depends on your hair type and the look you want to achieve.

For instance, if you want to keep your hair straight and maintain its style, use a low-hold hairspray. A medium-hold hairspray is ideal for half-up buns or allowing curls to bounce. In contrast, strong-hold sprays are perfect for special occasion up-dos or buns.

Hairspray For Taming Static

A change in humidity or friction can cause static hair. When this happens, your hair strands will repel each other, making styling and brushing difficult. Thankfully, using a bit of hairspray can solve this issue.

Spray the product onto your hairbrush and run it through your hair. Be sure not to spray directly onto your strands since you only need to neutralise future static to help prevent it from happening.

Hairspray For Frizz Control

Even the best hairstyles won’t win against an incredibly humid day, so you might want to put your hair in a ponytail to avoid disaster on a day when humidity is expected. However, that won’t stop you from being horrified by the number of strands flying out in every direction.

Before it ruins your hairstyle, use hairspray with a lightweight hold to deal with uncontrollable hair and frizzy strands. A styling product with humidity resistance is also good for keeping your locks smooth.

Form Bouncy Gorgeous Curls

Some people steer away from hairspray for fear of the dreaded stickiness. Others also think that it causes the loss of their hair’s natural movement. A lightweight hairspray, however, will keep your hair feeling soft and help maintain the bounciness and life of your curls. We also recommend a product with fine mist application and flexible hold which will allow your beach waves to roll.

Use Your Hands Instead

Are you looking to tame your fringe or those annoying flyaways? Instead of spraying directly onto your hair, apply a small amount of the styling product into the palm of your hand before patting it onto your strands. It manages those stubborn strands in an instant and helps you achieve a smooth and sleek hairstyle.


Whether you’re looking for an extra-strong hold for a perfect up-do or something to keep flyaways and frizz at bay, the right hairspray will leave your hair perfectly styled all day and night. Once you know how to use hairspray properly, you’ll be surprised at the tons of styling possibilities it can bring you.

There’s only so much that hairspray can do for you if your hair is thinning and lacking coverage. Get help from the specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic. Contact us today and book a free consultation to discuss hair loss, scalp health and all the treatments available to you!