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Why Your Scalp Needs A Serum Routine Just Like Your Skin

When dealing with hair issues, such as frizziness and dryness, your first step is most likely to look at your shampoo and conditioner, perhaps thinking that you might’ve got the wrong combo for your hair type. If that doesn’t fix things, you might invest in a quality heat protectant, or apply a leave-in conditioner to help detangle your hair and ensure it remains manageable. Then you get to wondering what you’re missing. Is there a critical product that addresses your hair problems while boosting your scalp health? If a serum is a must-have skin essential, why not on the skin beneath your hair? If you love the idea of a scalp serum but aren’t sure how it will fit into your haircare routine, keep reading to learn what it is and how to make it work for you.

What Is A Scalp Serum?

A scalp serum contains concentrated ingredients that nourish the scalp while eliminating any buildup and impurities. Unlike hair serum and hair oil, which work mainly on the health, protection and shine of your locks, a scalp serum takes care of the skin that covers the top of your head.

A scalp serum may also provide similar benefits as hair oil and hair serum, as it addresses common issues such as dryness, hair thinning and dandruff.

How Does A Scalp Serum Work?

A healthy scalp is smooth and clean, with no flaking, redness or irritation. Unfortunately, most people only pay attention to their scalp when they start experiencing itchiness, soreness, or when their hair starts shedding excessively.

A scalp serum is a game-changing formula that allows you to give the skin beneath your hair the same care and attention as the skin on your face and body. Like other skin and haircare products, different scalp serum products contain different ingredients. That means the benefits they offer may differ, too.

No matter what product you use, scalp serum formulations help nourish, hydrate and balance your scalp. Consequently, your scalp can grow healthier, thicker, stronger hair. They can also soothe dry and itchy scalps.

4 Steps To Using Scalp Serum

Unlike hair serums, which shouldn’t be applied directly to your scalp or roots, you can gently massage a scalp serum onto the skin of your head. When used as part of your daily beauty ritual, it can provide intense hydration and help restore your scalp’s moisture balance. Here are a few easy ways to include a scalp serum in your daily haircare routine:

Step 1: Wash Your Hair

Whether you’re using a serum that’s applied to dry hair or a product meant for shower use, you’ll want to ensure that your hair is clean. So, don’t forget to wash your hair using your favourite shampoo and conditioner before application. Depending on the type of serum you have, you may have to wring the excess water out or dry your hair thoroughly.

Step 2: Trickle Directly Onto Your Scalp

Using your fingers or a fine comb, part your hair and apply the serum on your scalp, a single drop at a time. Most serums come with a dropper which you can use for easier and better application. Work around your head, leaving a few inches between drops. Remember, you don’t need to apply a large amount of the liquid. Apply it sparingly but ensure that you reach different areas.

Step 3: Give Yourself A Scalp Massage

Once you’re done applying the serum, gently massage it into your scalp for added relaxation and relief and allow time for it to be absorbed. Use your fingertips, knuckles, or a gentle massager to give yourself a relaxing massage experience. Move from the front of your head to back, massaging in circular motions. Maintain a gentle pressure as you make your way across the scalp.

Step 4: Don’t Rinse It Out

Just like you don’t rinse the serum on your skin after application, leave the scalp serum overnight. It won’t build up or leave any residue, so you don’t need to wash it off. Continue using the product and repeat the process two to three times per week or as recommended for the product you are using. In just a few weeks, you should experience a noticeably cleaner and healthier scalp.


The best haircare routine should create a perfect balance that allows your hair and scalp to remain moisturised and hydrated without being oily. This benefit is precisely what a scalp serum can provide. It gets absorbed fast, feels light and can soothe your itchy, irritated skin without giving you a greasy feeling. If you’re yet to try it and want to give your haircare routine a bit of a boost, a quality serum can breathe new life into your scalp and locks.

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