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Why Kaolin Clay Is A Powerhouse Ingredient For Oily Hair

What first comes to mind when you consider exfoliating, cleaning and regulating oil production in the scalp? Is it shampoo or something else? Perhaps a purifying conditioner? Kaolin clay may not be the first answer that you come up with, but this article may change that.

Kaolin clay has been around for ages, having been used to produce porcelain throughout Chinese history. Kaolin is now commonly found in many different cosmetic products. Used on the skin, it helps in the removal of excess oil, germs, grime and debris. When you use it on your hair, kaolin is a natural, powerful ingredient that exfoliates, cleanses and absorbs excess oil.

Unlike other clays that seem to absorb all of the oil from your cuticles, kaolin is gentle on your hair, leaving it silky and elastic. So, if you’re looking for a natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly hair product, continue reading to discover more about kaolin clay.

Five Benefits Of Using Kaolin Clay For Your Hair

Kaolin clay has long been used to soothe and purify the scalp, regulate oil production and flatten frizzy hair. It has a delicate, powdered texture that makes it simple to blend or use as a dry shampoo on its own. Its highly absorbent properties enable it to soak up excess oil without irritating your scalp.

It Exfoliates And Cleanses The Scalp

Kaolin clay cleans and exfoliates the scalp. It also eliminates any excess buildup on your scalp that your daily solutions may leave behind, thus producing a healthier scalp.

It Offers Excellent pH Balance

Excessive exposure to product residue, waxes, silicones, relaxers and hair dryers can affect your pH level. Kaolin clay, on the other hand, has a similar pH balance to our hair. It can, therefore, help balance the pH of chemically dry hair while also repairing and thickening it.

It Improves Hair Texture

Kaolin clay is a fantastic alternative if you have tightly twisted hair and want to soften your curl structure without using harsh products. One of the advantages of putting kaolin clay on your hair is that you can improve its texture. When you put it on shorter hair and massage it in, the hair’s surface can alter, leading to more delicate curl forms.

It Helps In Absorbing Oil

Kaolin clay helps to absorb excess oil without damaging your skin or hair. In addition, it provides the hair with additional thickness and fullness. If you have oily and damaged hair, this could be the ideal product for you.

It Detoxifies The Hair

If your scalp and hair require a deeper cleansing than your standard shampoo can provide, including kaolin clay in your routine could be a wise move. It’s a detoxifier with a lot of nutrients and minerals in it. It’s also one of the clays that have gentle cleaning and exfoliating properties.

How To Apply Kaolin Clay To Your Hair

Kaolin clay is present in various hair products, including detoxifying treatments, emollients and shampoos. If you’re a DIYer, kaolin clay may be readily combined into masks or utilised on its own. If you’re ready for the challenge, here’s how to do it.

Apply On The Scalp Directly

The best way of getting the maximum benefit from kaolin clay is to apply it directly to your scalp. Both your scalp and hair will benefit. If you’re going to use kaolin clay on your scalp, you’ll need to soak both your hair and scalp before applying it. Allow the clay to sit on your scalp for 20 to 30 minutes. The clay will harden slightly, but that’s okay. Rinse off, then use your favourite hair products.

You can also use kaolin clay as a scalp purification solution to keep your scalp clean and balanced. It’s a mild and safe substitute for a scalp exfoliation or cleansing product.

Apply Gently On The Hair

If your hair needs some TLC, apply kaolin clay straight to the strands. If you’re using it on your hair, wash and separate the hair before applying the clay and letting it sit for 30 to 40 minutes. The improvements will allow your texture to shift slightly depending on what you wish to achieve. Rinse and finish with your favourite hair washers.

Use Kaolin Clay-Based Products

If you want to incorporate kaolin clay into your regimen, you should choose high-quality products. Kaolin clay can be present in hair treatments such as shampoo, conditioner and hair masks. So, make sure to go for the best chemical-free product.

Create A DIY Kaolin Clay Hair Mask

It’s easy to make a kaolin clay hair mask. You can prepare a nourishing hair mask by combining it with a tiny amount of water and hair oil. Make a moisturising mask by mixing avocado with hair oil and kaolin clay.


Kaolin clay can help your hair by preventing breakage and regulating dandruff when used in hairstyle products. Kaolin transforms into a natural superfood that exfoliates, cleanses and absorbs excess oil on the hair and scalp. It is beneficial if your scalp is greasy. To get the most out of it, make sure you follow the tips above when applying it to your hair and scalp.

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