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The Trick To Shampooing That May Just Save Your Hair

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been washing your hair the same way your parents told you when growing up. There is never really much reason to change how you do things if you think they work for you. However, when it comes to your hair’s regular washing, perhaps there is a better way. In this blog post, we bring you one of the best ways to shampoo your hair which may deliver immediate improvement to your hair’s condition. Yes, it’s hard to change the habit of a lifetime. Still, after reading this article and implementing the changes, your hair will look and feel better for it. Ready to learn the shampooing tricks for better hair? Let’s begin…

Detangle Before Washing

Although it may look like your hair is easier to manage and brush through when wet, the truth is that it is at the weakest after washing. Brushing your hair during or just after washing is likely to cause it to snag and break. The key is to use a natural brush or a comb with wide teeth to gently brush your hair, teasing out any tangles before washing.

Use Correct Shampooing Technique

Next, let’s talk about the right shampooing technique. Using the coin-sized amount of shampoo, start from the roots because healthy hair needs a strong foundation. You can use more shampoo if you have thicker hair to increase the cleansing power.

Get your hair wet then massage the shampoo into your scalp and roots gently to wash away the oils (sebum) that commonly builds up there. Slowly work your way through your hair via the mid-lengths and finally the ends. Ensure you use lukewarm and not hot water; otherwise, you will strain your hair. If you have skipped wash day, feel free to rinse and repeat to make sure your hair is sparkly clean.

So what’s the secret to shampooing that will improve your hair almost immediately? It’s choosing the right shampoo for your hair type. If you have naturally dry hair, you need a shampoo that will lock in the moisture after washing. Conversely, if you are rocking fine hair, you don’t want to use a shampoo with heavy conditioning agents to weigh it down.

It may be a case of trying out different products until you find the one that works for you. At the end of the day, the perfect washing technique is useless if you’re using the wrong product.

Never Skip The Conditioner With Every Wash

Whatever your hair type, whether curly, fine, coarse or straight never skip conditioning after washing your hair. The environment and every day wear and tear wreak havoc on your hair leading to moisture loss. When your hair becomes too dry, it is prone to breakage. Washing strips the hair of natural oils which lock in moisture.

Your hair needs conditioning for nourishment, extra moisturisation, softening and well, conditioning. Pick your conditioner to align with the outcome you would like for your hair. If you have fine hair, it needs a good dose of moisture without weighing it down. On the other hand, you have a better chance of taming frizzy curls with a smoother conditioner.

Choose a leave-in conditioner if you want to lock in more moisture and keep your hair hydrated all day long.

Air Dry Your Hair For Perfect Results

Air drying is the most hair-friendly of drying your hair after washing, but very few people have the time to let their hair dry naturally. Before you reach for the hairdryer and turn it to the highest setting, pause a moment. Heat treatment is one of the cardinal sins of hair care, and hot air drying will do irreversible damage to your hair than you can imagine.

Towel drying is the next best thing, but please be gentle and avoid vigorous rubbing your hair. Ideally using a highly absorbent microfibre hair wrap will allow the towel to absorb the moisture from your hair. If you must blow-dry then apply a heat shield product and use the lowest setting possible.

Style And Step Out With Confidence

Preserve your hair’s health by being just as mindful when styling as you are with the washing. Reduce the use of heat-styling tools and make sure your hair is completely dry before styling. When using heat styling tools pop a few drops of water and see if it sizzles. You don’t really want that happening to your hair, do you?

Avoid styling fatigue on your hair by embracing the natural look and use hair accessories instead if you can. Alternatively, you can carefully select styling products which can hold your brushed style.

Save Your Hair With Professional Help

We hope you have really enjoyed reading these tips you’re now more aware of the right way to shampoo your hair. Remember, your hair can be fragile and sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to damage it. Put the ideas in this blog post in practice, and you’ll love showing those tresses off. Sometimes you encounter hair problems which shampooing won’t solve. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we have hair restoration specialists waiting to help you understand any hair concerns you may have. Get in touch with Vinci to book a free consultation today.

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The Trick To Shampooing That May Just Save Your Hair 2