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Is Your Hair Stiff? Here’s What You Need To Know

We often associate glossy, manageable hair with youth and beauty, which is why it’s always the main goal for many of us. Your hair also reveals a lot about your health, so you want it to look and feel soft and beautiful all day long. Besides, who doesn’t want bouncy and well-nourished hair that’s full of body and life?

Unfortunately, though, many people find their hair dry, stiff and rough to the touch. You expect it to be smooth and silky, but it turns out to have a strange, crunchy texture and a brittle, straw-like appearance. While it’s easy to blame it on humidity or the weather, your lifestyle and haircare practices could be the culprit. So, just by making the necessary changes in your routine, you can undoubtedly restore its shine and achieve soft, luminous hair.

6 Tips For Managing Your Stiff Hair

As mentioned, your dry and doll-like strands could result from your poor hair practices, such as excessive use of chemicals and too much heat when styling. It could also be a consequence of a lack of nutrition, medication, or loss of moisture in your hair due to environmental conditions.

Even activities you enjoy, like swimming, could be ruining your hair. However, regardless of the cause of your stiff hair, the following tips will help keep your mane strong, silky and healthy-looking:

Opt For A Nourishing Treatment

The reason your hair is stiff is probably due to your current haircare system. You’re either using the wrong product for your hair type or not getting the right ingredients your scalp and strands need. Start your routine, therefore, by using a nourishing shampoo that both cleans and conditions your strands. Then, follow up with a nutrient-rich conditioner to provide your hair with minerals, protein and vitamins.

Make sure you stay away from shampoos with sulphates and other ingredients that could leave your hair even drier. Instead, look for a product with rosemary, glycerin and plant oils to retain moisture and replenish your dry strands.

Use A Leave-in Conditioner

After washing your hair and before styling, reach for a lightweight leave-in conditioner for added moisture. Choose a product that adds shine without leaving your hair greasy and heavy. It’s an important step that offers a high level of moisturising and detangling properties.

There are many different formulas that target specific hair issues and needs. Whatever your hair type, you can benefit from applying a leave-in conditioner. It locks in moisture and provides your strands with vital nutrients, making your tresses feel soft and silky. Many leave-in conditioners also contain heat-protecting elements to shield your hair from heat damage, one of the main causes of stiff, lifeless hair.

Reach For A Deep Moisturising Hair Mask

Dry, stiff hair may need more than your regular shampoo and conditioner; it may also require extra pampering to improve its condition. For dry hair, we suggest using a deep moisturising hair mask at least once a week.

Choose a formula with moisturising oils and nurturing ingredients. It should be light enough to penetrate your hair shaft effectively but heavy enough to saturate your strands efficiently. Avoid over-masking as scalp buildup may occur, weighing your hair down and causing your hair to look limp.

Limit Heat Styling

You probably know by now that heat styling can wreak havoc on your hair. Using a curling iron or blow-dryer can lead to dull and stiff hair, especially if you do it frequently. So, minimise your use of hot styling tools as much as possible. And if you can’t avoid using heat, it’s best to use a thermal protectant serum or spray to reduce potential damage.

Cut Down On Styling Products

Everybody loves styling products, as they allow you to achieve the particular style you want. These unique formulas can transform an everyday look into something chic and classy, whether for a formal occasion or a casual event.

The problem with some styling products, however, is that they can offset your hair’s moisture levels, leaving it feeling rough and brittle. So, be gentle with your mane and try cutting down on the products you put in your hair.

Minimise Chemical Treatments

You probably love to experiment with different hair colours or want to try something new by relaxing your hair. While doing this can be exciting and fun, it’s not particularly beneficial for the overall health of your scalp and strands, unfortunately.

Frequent hair colouring and bleaching can have adverse consequences, so try to limit such chemical processes. Instead, embrace your natural hair texture for ultimate softness and shine.


Dealing with stiff hair can be frustrating and annoying, more so if it results from something outside your control. But instead of making it worse by following impractical routines, it’s time to rebuild your haircare regimen to keep your hair flexible, easy to manage and full of life.

While it’s essential to know how to take care of your hair daily, you should also be quick to take action when something appears wrong. Vinci Hair Clinic specialises in hair restoration using medical and surgical methods. If you’re suffering from hair loss, take advantage of the complimentary consultation on offer to new clients. Get in touch today!