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Is Sleeping With Hair Extensions Good For Your Hair?

Whether you want a casual look or an elegant style for a special occasion, hair extensions can make you look incredible in a matter of minutes. They give instant volume and length and allow for a hairstyle change suitable for any event.

If you’re a new user, you might wonder if sleeping with hair extensions on might cause permanent damage or harm your natural hair. The good news is that sleeping with hair extensions isn’t something to worry about. However, while it is perfectly safe, there are a few things you need to do to keep them protected and ensure that they last.

Hair Extension Preparation Tips Before Bed

Make sure you get your hair extensions ready before going to bed for a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips to guarantee that you can wake up without those annoying tangles and frizz.

Brush Your Hair Extensions Carefully

Remove tangles or any product build-up by brushing your extensions before going to bed. It doesn’t matter if they’re short, extra-long, wavy straight, pre bonds, wefts or tapes; inspecting your hair extensions for tangles and knots should be part of your bedtime routine.

Make sure not to brush your extensions roughly or when they are wet – just like your natural hair, brushing your extensions when wet can lead to severe damage and breakage. The hair follicles are more delicate and open when wet.

Don’t Sleep With Wet Extensions

While there’s nothing wrong with washing your extensions at night, it’s never a good idea to go to bed when they are damp or wet. This might be tempting, especially when you’re tired, but drying your hair extensions before you hop into bed will not only keep them free from tangles but will also maintain their quality. A good brush through when they’re dry will also keep them tangle-free in the morning.

Avoid Excessive Heat When Drying Your Hair Extensions

Too much heat can cause stress, both on your natural hair and on your hair extensions, resulting in breakage and frizz. That’s why it is a great idea to perform light blow-drying if you’re in a rush or want to get to bed after washing.

Using a heat protectant is a good way to safeguard your hair and limit the damaging effects of heat. Take time to style your hair, and make sure to go for a low setting when you’re blow-drying to keep your hair in good health.

Tips For Sleeping With Your Hair Extensions

Your preparation does not end after you’ve brushed and blow-dried your extensions. If you want to enjoy their benefits for a long time and have a comfortable sleep, consider the following tips.

Invest In A Silk Pillowcase

You can take care of your extensions, even in your sleep, by using silk pillowcases. Hair experts recommend using silk pillowcases to prevent frizz, stop tangles and avoid breakages. Tossing and turning while you sleep can get your extensions intertwined in your cotton pillowcase’s fibre. As you move, your extensions and natural hair knot up and twist. A silk pillowcase helps reduce this tugging and friction Taking this step will benefit your natural hair as well as your extensions.

Wear A Low Ponytail Or Loose Braid

The most common way of sleeping safely with hair extensions is to secure them in a braid or ponytail. This prevents the extensions from moving around, which causes them to tangle, and reduces friction as you toss and turn in your sleep. This way, your hair is smoother and easier to brush when you wake up.

A braid or low ponytail will also prevent over-direction of the hair extension attachments, especially for newly attached ones, as they tend to be tight. The use of a soft hair tie is usually preferred to avoid snagging, tension or breakage.

Once you remove the braid in the morning, you’ll be surprised at how well your extensions stayed in place. Not only does this make brushing easier, but it also creates a gorgeous wave with which to start your day!


There is no denying that having hair extensions is an incredible investment, especially for women who want to feel more feminine and attractive. They offer unlimited styling possibilities by allowing different looks and styles that match your mood. Although hair extensions are generally easy to maintain, knowing how to wear them to bed and take care of them is vital.

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