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Five Top Tips To Care For Holographic Hair

The rise of social media has seen the emergence of different bold hairstyles and extreme hair colour trends. Unicorn hair became a favourite, mixing an array of pastel colours to create a fun, versatile appearance. Next came the mermaid’s hair trend, with its magical and captivating look.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to rainbow manes, new holographic hues have proven otherwise. What sets these popular hair colour trends apart from other vibrant hues are their multidimensional pastel glossy highlights. These unique characteristics will make your strands appear iridescent and seem to change colours before your eyes.

Having multidimensional colours with a metallic sheen may seem complicated, but you can nail this look from the comfort of your bathroom. Any base colour works, but you must have light hair colour, like grey or blonde, to achieve the ultimate holographic appearance. So, if you are willing and able to take the plunge, here are a few things to do to maintain and manage your holographic hair:

Switch To A Haircare System Designed For Colour-treated Hair

Sure, your old haircare products worked wonders with your natural hair. You’ve used them for a long time, and they’ve proven effective in keeping your mane healthy and beautiful. However, your hair may respond differently to your existing products after it has undergone a significant transformation. Also, some products are too strong for dyed hair, causing the colour to fade quickly.

So, instead of sticking to your regular shampoo and conditioner, switch to products specifically formulated for colour-treated hair. The same goes with your other hair formulas, such as masks, creams and serums. Doing this will help preserve the colour and quality of your holographic hair.

Do Regular Deep Conditioning Treatments

We can’t stress strongly enough the importance of coloured-hair deep conditioning. After subjecting it to intense pigments (and bleaching for those with dark hair), it will need extra love to stay strong and healthy and not become stiff and dry. Besides applying your favourite conditioner, don’t forget to do a regular deep conditioning treatment.

Even if you have naturally oily hair, a deep conditioning treatment can help. After all, your hair texture will likely change once you start dyeing your hair, making it dry and rough. Not only will a conditioning treatment help keep your hair silky and soft, but it’s also beneficial for a well-nourished and manageable mane.

Add A Bit Of Shine

Although holographic hair naturally looks glossy, you can’t go wrong with adding a bit more shine to your strands. Use hair serum or a shine spray after styling your hair to keep your tresses bright and vibrant. For great results, apply a nutrient-dense serum and leave it on overnight. This way, you and your mane can get a nourishing rest and preserve your hair’s health. Then, wash it in the morning using sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to keep the shine on and maintain its dazzling appearance.

Keep It Hydrated And Away From Excess Heat

Like any coloured and chemically-treated hair, holographic hair requires extra moisture, hydration and sun protection to prevent nutrient loss and damage to hair. Aside from deep conditioning your hair, using leave-in treatments is vital for keeping hair hydrated and moisturised.

Sun exposure can strip your hair colour and make it brittle, dry and dull. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy a product that comes with an ultraviolet (UV) filter to protect your tresses from the scorching sun, like products and hairsprays with UV protection. Experts also suggest using heat protectants before using hot tools such as curlers, flat irons and blow dryers. Let your colour-treated mane dry naturally when you can or turn down the heat if possible.

Have Regular Touch Ups

Holographic hair looks phenomenal, but it isn’t low maintenance. You must commit fully to this innovative hair colour trend because maintaining it is more than simply buying different haircare products. Eventually, the colour will fade, so you’ll need to schedule regular touch-ups to keep it as vibrant as possible and ensure it lasts long.

Holographic hair may cost you more than other flattering hair colours, but it’s worth it if you want to try something new or love exploring different colouring techniques. You can go for the DIY option if you feel confident enough but booking an appointment with a colour expert is a wise choice. An experienced professional will help keep your holographic mane good as new.


Holographic hair isn’t an easy look to achieve, so you want to take care of it to ensure it lasts as long as possible and remains healthy and glossy. Whether it’s your first time dyeing your hair or you’re trying a new, bolder look, these handy tips will help you take care of your super-cool holographic hair.

If your hair is getting thinner, it could be that your colour treatments are to blame. Excessive colour treatments can weaken your hair, even possibly leading to some hair fall. If that’s the case, get in touch with Vinci Hair Clinic for some professional advice. We provide your first consultation free of charge, so you can get some solid advice without spending a penny. Contact us today!