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5 Hair Hacks To Help You Look Your Best Whatever Your Hair Type

Having a great hair day every day is the dream of most women. Imagine stepping out of your house with salon-gorgeous hair that remains sleek and manageable throughout the day!

Unfortunately, that’s not always the reality for everyone. You can blame it on your hair type, the products you use, or your hair care routine. Mother Nature also plays a big part, causing your hair to become unruly, frizzy and annoyingly greasy.

But here’s the good news; there are some awesome, incredibly easy hacks you can try that will change the way you look and feel about your locks. Even if you’re prone to dryness, these hair tips and tricks can go a very long way towards taming your mane.

#1. Wash Your Hair The Right Way

It’s a straightforward task we’ve been doing daily throughout our lives. However, many people still make mistakes when shampooing and conditioning their hair. And yes, there are right and wrong ways of washing your hair!

Occasionally you may fail to rinse it thoroughly, perform an uneven application, or use too much shampoo. There’s always room for improvement, so make sure you pay attention to this everyday task.

When shampooing, remember that it’s the scalp that requires the most attention because the roots tend to be the oiliest. So, focus more on cleaning the scalp than the ends while gently washing with your palms and fingers.

On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid your scalp area when conditioning your hair, as it will make the roots oilier. In addition, your strands need more hydration, so the ends of your hair will benefit from extra moisturizing.

#2. Invest In Dry Shampoo

This hair hack is particularly beneficial for those with fine, oily hair. Dry shampoo uses active ingredients to soak up the sweat and oils from your hair, making it cleaner and fresher smelling throughout the day.

If a humid commute, or even a quick workout session, leaves your hair looking greasy, dry shampoo can come in handy for a quick fix. Spray it directly onto your roots and brush gently through the length of your hair. Keep in mind that dry shampoo doesn’t need rinsing.

This formula can also work to freshen your curly hair, though you might have to change the application process. Don’t brush your hair after applying dry shampoo, as those lovely locks might look frizzy and dry instead of bouncy.

#3. Turn To Your Bobby Pins

No matter your hair type or length, bobby pins are your best friend. They’re small enough to fit in your coin purse, so there’s no reason you can’t have them with you at all times. Whether pinning your stray hair strands, securing hair off your face, or accenting an elegant updo, bobby pins are an essential hair accessory.

If you’re inventive, there are many easy and creative ways to use these handy pins. For example, you can slip them in vertically for a stylish twist on your favourite hairstyle. Alternatively, you can create a contrasting grid of bobby pins or simply hold down flyaways with scattered decorative pins.

#4. Follow Proper Hair Brushing Technique

When it comes to tools, using a boar-bristle brush is ideal due to its soft bristles that allow your hair to glide through. This type of hairbrush creates polished strands and lifts away debris, dust and dirt while redistributing your scalp’s natural oils from the roots to the tips. Using a hairbrush may appear intuitive, but there is a better way of doing it. Avoid brushing from roots to ends, especially if your hair is dry, as it will create more knots and tangles and ultimately cause unnecessary damage.

Instead, start a few inches from the tips and brush downward. Work your way up, carefully detangling any knots. It’s also essential to note that brushing your hair when wet isn’t the best idea. Your hair is fragile when wet, so you might want to leave it alone until it’s dry enough for brushing. Damp will do!

#5. Fix Hair Static With Dryer Sheets

It might sound unlikely, but your dryer sheets really can be your secret weapon against static hair. Smooth a drying sheet over your hair or your hairbrush before combing to eliminate static. This will leave your hair smooth and easy to style. Not only does it help tame those strands, but it will also give your hair a pleasant scent.


If your hair isn’t cooperating with you today, it could be because of your incorrect washing or brushing technique. Keep in mind, too, that there are many tools you can use, and styling options to consider, to pull off any style you want to create. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a fantastic hair day regardless of your hair type.

If you’re struggling with your hair and could use some professional advice, Vinci Hair Clinic’s professionals are on hand to help. Get in touch today and book a free, no-obligation consultation!