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How To Use Epsom Salt To Care For Your Hair

If you’re the type who’s constantly on the lookout for products that benefit your hair, you’ve probably heard of Epsom salt. These salt crystals are naturally occurring compounds that contain a pure combination of sulfate and magnesium, hence its scientific name magnesium sulfate.

Epsom salt has long had a reputation for having various health benefits, but it is now being used more often in the haircare industry. Read on to discover why many users are convinced that Epsom salt does their hair a power of good.

Introducing The Wonders Of Epsom Salt

Named after the town in England where it was discovered, Epsom salt looks much like your typical table salt. Don’t be fooled, however, because it’s a whole lot different. It’s unpalatable, for one thing, with a super bitter aftertaste, although this hasn’t stopped some from drinking it as a health tonic. This isn’t recommended, as there is no evidence to show that taking Epsom salt orally is safe or beneficial.

When it comes to haircare, Epsom salt is used as an effective way of tackling hair and scalp issues, particularly common problems like inflammation and dandruff. It is also claimed that increased hair volume and hair bounce are two of the benefits of using Epsom salt.

Epsom Salt For Overall Healthier Hair

Epsom salt’s most important function is to rid the hair of excess oil. Too much oil makes your hair look limp, lifeless and unappealing. Two tablespoons of Epsom salt added to your shampoo should be enough to deal with the problem. This mixture works as a clarifying shampoo, attacking your hair’s excess oils from the strands and scalp. In short, it brings back your hair’s vitality.

If you’re aware that magnesium is good for the body, you won’t be surprised to learn that it works just as well for your hair strands. The mineral is easily absorbed in areas with numerous hair follicles, and its moisturising and strengthening action help manage the issue of dry and damaged locks. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties prevent pollutants and oils on your scalp from causing you itchiness and inflammation. Small wonder, then, that hair specialists recommend a regular dose of magnesium to keep your hair healthy.

Here’s a bonus tip: massaging magnesium sulfate on the scalp and hair roots promotes a healthier and smoother scalp. Combine it with coconut oil and you’ll get the best results.

Epsom Salt For Brittle Hair

Typically, your hair strand is comprised of fibrous protein, water and some lipids. Since magnesium sulfate has a solid bind to water molecules, it rids the hair of its natural moisture, giving it a somewhat rough texture. Applying Epsom salt to it, therefore, can result in dehydrated hair.

If you have dry and brittle hair, you should not apply Epsom salt in your usual shampoo. Instead, a leave-in conditioner could work better so long as you infuse it with the right amount of Epsom salt. A good mix would be equal parts of Epsom salt and your hair conditioner. Make sure to combine thoroughly and warm the product before application.

In the shower, apply the Epsom salt conditioner as evenly as possible. Then, massage it gently into the scalp and cover all hair strands from the roots to the tips. Let it sit for twenty minutes before rinsing.

Epsom Salt For Oily Hair

If you suffer from oily hair and scalp, you should give Epsom salt shampoo a try. Mix equal parts of the salt with your regular shampoo, but don’t forget to give your shampoo bottle a thorough shake before mixing. An alternative ratio is two tablespoons mixed with sixteen ounces of your shampoo.

When applying the Epsom salt and shampoo blend, massage it deeply for better penetration and absorption, paying special attention to your scalp. Similarly, apply some to your hair strands properly, with more emphasis on the oiliest parts. For best results, use your salt-infused shampoo only every other session. This way, you can minimise your hair’s chances of becoming dry and brittle.


It’s time to step up a notch when it comes to your haircare routine. Regardless of your hair type, be it oily, brittle, or dry, you can still enjoy the full benefits of Epsom salt in your beauty regimen. What have you got to lose by trying it? In no time at all, you might see for yourself why there’s so much hype surrounding Epsom salts and hair.

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