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How To Handle A Widow’s Peak Hairline

There seems to be this widely held assumption when it comes to men’s hairstyling; all men need is a haircut, right? A large proportion of men tend to keep their hair short, so perhaps that’s why a haircut is the go-to styling option for most males.

If you are one of the brave few who would rather colour outside the lines, a widow’s peak often messes up an otherwise perfect hairstyle. Widow’s peaks tend to grow outside your normal hairline, but there are a few hairstyles that can complement this feature. Here, you’ll learn about the top, most flattering hairstyles to help disguise the widow’s peak. They look amazing on both men and women!

First Things First: What’s A Widow’s Peak?

Before jumping into telling you how to style your hair, let’s begin by explaining what a widow’s peak hairline is about. Most people have a rounded hairline at the front of the head. However, if you have a widow’s peak, your hairline forms a pointy shape at the centre of your hairline.

Despite what many people think, widow’s peak hairlines also occur in women. They can be subtle and barely noticeable on some women or very prominent on others. Some people find that they can use the widow’s peak to attract attention and enhance their appearance. You can find a few hairstyles that help you accomplish your goal, whether you want to conceal or flaunt your peak. For example, bangs act as an invisibility cloak for a widow’s peak. At the same time, a high ponytail draws the eye and makes it the focal point.

How Does A Widow’s Peak Form?

Just like many things to do with the hair and hairlines, you have your folks to thank for your widow’s peak. Besides your family history, a widow’s peak can be one common side effect of a receding hairline, though again, a receding hairline is typically due to genetics in the form of male pattern baldness; this is when the hairline recedes from the forehead, working its way up and leaving a v-shaped hairline in its wake. Sometimes a widow’s peak is just the hairline you were meant to have and doesn’t necessarily mean you are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss.

So, if you’re looking in the mirror and seeing what looks very much like a widow’s peak, don’t panic. There are plenty of people just like you.

Is There Anything Wrong With Having A Widow’s Peak Hairline?

Having this type of hairline is very common, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. We live in a world where unattainable beauty standards are set simply to sell you products, which is probably where the bad press for the widow’s peak comes from. Whether you have long or short hair, you may be surprised by how little impact a widow’s peak will have on your overall look.

Once you hit the jackpot by finding a hairstyle that perfectly complements your look, you will start seeing your hairline as an asset rather than a liability.

Top Men’s Haircuts And Hairstyles For Dealing With Widow’s Peak

Let’s move on to the next part of the article. Now that you know what a widow’s peak is about, we can dive right into how you can turn it around.

#1. Perfecting The Comb Over

This is one hairstyle that still gets mocked due to some terrible examples from the 70s. However, there are modern twists to the outdated comb over that offer a stylish and practical solution to dealing with the peak.

The comb-over is a minimalistic, no-fuss hairstyle. It involves combing your hair over on either side to accentuate your natural texture. Boost the aesthetics of this classic hairstyle by combining it with a tapered fade.

#2 Getting Down And Dirty With The Slick-Back

If you have medium to long lengths and you’re looking for a polished yet straightforward look, slicked-back hair is your go-to hairstyle. Just add a touch of hair gel before brushing your hair towards the back of your head. That’s all it takes.

Hot Hairstyles For Women Dealing With The Widow’s Peak

Ladies, don’t let a widow’s peak stand in the way of making a chic statement with your tresses. Turn heads effortlessly with the following styles.

#1. Embrace Your Natural Curls

Flaunt your natural curls and make your wavy hair the star of the show by showering your hair with a moisture shampoo. A curl activator will also do the trick of giving your hair volume, amping the curls and shifting the focus from the front of your head.

#2. Get Cheeky With A Half-Up Ponytail

The half-up pony is for the woman who, typically, doesn’t want to choose one when she can have both. Why not show off the length and rock the up-do all in one? It’s so simple to pull this off. Just start by parting your hair into even sections. Next, clip the bottom half so it’s out of the way and you can work on the top section first. Add a little gel, work it through your hair from your roots, then brush it towards the centre of your head. Finally, gather your hair into a ponytail. You can even make it into a bun if you want. Set free the hair in the clip and you’re ready to rock!


Modern beauty standards are constantly changing, and it’s never easy to keep up with the trends. Despite what some people say, a widow’s peak is a naturally occurring thing, usually because of your genes. In this article, we’ve shown you a few hairstyles you can turn to if your widow’s peak bothers you.

We mentioned how a widow’s peak can be a side effect of a receding hairline, so you’ll be glad to know that Vinci Hair Clinic has treatments that deal with genetic hair loss. If you are concerned that your hairline is receding rapidly, book your appointment for a free, no-obligation consultation. Vinci Hair restoration experts are waiting to help!