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The Future of Hair Loss Medicines

It has been over two decades since a new medication for hair loss has been approved. In this blog, we look at the existing medicines for androgenetic alopecia and some of the most promising drugs that are in development.

Finasteride & Minoxidil

Finasteride and minoxidil are two names that have become familiar to hair loss sufferers all over the world. Both products were approved by the FDA in the 1990s and over the years, have helped thousands of people to beat hair loss. However, they do have their inconveniences – they have to be used daily to maintain the result, and some people experience side-effects.

Medications in Development

Several European pharmaceutical firms have discovered potential novel solutions for pattern baldness. An Italian biotech company, Giuliani has found several compounds which can stimulate follicle growth in vitro. Their research is at an early stage and safety testing needs to be completed before it is trialled on volunteers. Swedish biotech company Follicum is working with a protein called osteopontin which stimulates hair growth. They have already trialled it as an injectable solution and are due to test a cream formula which would be more convenient for patients to use. Another Italian company, Cassiopea, are focusing their efforts on a DHT-blocking medication, called Breezula. The topical product is entering phase III trials in 2020 and it is likely that they will be the first to reach the finish line in the race to find a new hair loss medicine.

 Don’t Wait to Treat Hair Loss

With the pharmaceutical companies getting closer to finding a new remedy for androgenetic alopecia, should you wait to treat your hair loss? The experts at Vinci Hair Clinic say no. Pattern baldness is progressive and is most responsive to medical treatment when tackled at an early stage. The treatments available today are highly-effective and could put an end to your hair loss worries before a new solution even reaches the market. You can find out more about your options for hair restoration by attending a free consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic. Contact their specialist team today to start your journey to a healthier head of hair.