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How January’s Resolutions Could Make a Big Difference to Your Hair!

We all do it. We spend the week after Christmas sitting around planning how our life in the new year is going to be so different. We’re going to join a gym and get fitter. We’re going to quit smoking once and for all. We’re going to cut down on the booze. We might even take that language class we’ve been talking about for years. In our heads, the revolution starts on January 1. And usually it does, bang on time. And usually, it’s all over before two or three weeks have passed, and nothing has changed…

Maybe it’s just some extra motivation we all need? Well, try this for size. If you just managed to stick to some of those resolutions, it could make a huge difference to your hair. Want to know more? Keep scrolling!

Quit Smoking!

This is one resolution that’s a no-brainer. Everyone knows that smoking is A Bad Thing. Even smokers know it. Most would quit today if it wasn’t so difficult. But, if a little extra incentive is needed, then think about this: getting off the cigarettes is not only good for your overall health, but it might stop you from losing your hair too.

A study published by Indian dermatologists in April 2022 found a significant association between smoking and androgenetic alopecia (AGA). The study also found evidence of a relationship between the ‘amount of smoking and severity of baldness and also age of onset of AGA.’ The study stated that there are several plausible reasons why smoking could affect hair loss and highlighted the need for more research to explore these. The overall conclusion of the study was unequivocal, however: smoking is bad for your hair.

Dry January, Sober October…

Much like the message on smoking, the public health line on excessive drinking of alcohol is unambiguous. It’s bad for you, end of story. What constitutes excessive drinking, though? Well, if you’re exceeding health guidelines on the number of alcoholic units you drink every week, you should maybe consider cutting back. But how might a dry January or sober October help with your hair?

While there seems to be no direct link between hair loss and drinking, there are consequences associated with drinking too much. The dehydration that often accompanies excessive drinking can result in vital minerals being lost from the body. Minerals such as iron, zinc and iodine are important sources of nutrition for our hair follicles. Without them, follicles will struggle to produce strong and healthy strands. If you’re regularly drinking too much, therefore, you could be stopping new hair from coming through.

Gym Membership?

The worst time of the year to join a gym is in January. That’s because they’re all crammed full of people just like you, that is, people who resolved to get fit while holding a mince pie in one hand and a glass of their favourite tipple in the other. Besides that, do you really need to join a gym to get fit? More importantly, will it help your hair?

Being active is good for us in so many ways. Regular moderate exercise is a great way of building aerobic fitness as well as bone and muscle strength. Exercise is also good for your mental health as it helps relieve stress. Since prolonged stress can lead to telogen effluvium, so keeping active can protect against stress-related hair loss. However, you don’t need to join a gym for moderate exercise. A brisk walk or a cycle is just as effective, and you’ll save on membership fees too!

Exercise is also useful in controlling your weight. Combined with a healthy diet, it could also deliver a bonus by helping stimulate new hair growth. A study produced by Brazilian researchers in 2017 concluded that having less body fat forces mammals to grow fur to keep warm. Does it also follow that lean humans are more likely to grow more hair? Most of the modelling to support this line of thought has been done on mice, so it’s probably too soon to draw conclusions, but scientists certainly seem to be leaning that way.


One thing you should resolve to do this year is to speak to a hair expert. If you have concerns about hair loss or thinning, it pays to talk to an expert as soon as possible. That’s because hair loss is tackled most effectively when it’s addressed at an early stage.

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