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Hair Breakage Secrets You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Hair breakage is a common concern for many women, leaving them with frizzy, brittle and unhealthy-looking hair. It has various causes, from genetics and medications to diet and styling methods. Although it’s normal to find a few broken strands each day, it can be a cause of concern if you notice your hair breaking off to the point where it seems like it isn’t growing at all.

Here’s the good news: the solution to this hair issue might be right there in your kitchen cupboard. To be more specific, that delicious cup of tea you enjoy in the morning might be the answer to your fragile strands. Not only is tea a tasty, calming beverage, but a tea rinse can also work wonders in keeping your tresses healthy and strong.

Are you curious about this unique haircare solution? Read on to know what a tea rinse is and how it can benefit your locks.

Your Guide To Tea Rinses

There’s no denying that tea has been a popular drink for centuries. But besides gratifying our senses, teas can also help your hair obtain the nourishment it needs to stay bouncy, shiny and long.

For those new to tea rinses, it’s about applying tea directly to your hair and allowing it to sit for a while to strengthen your strands. This practice isn’t new; many people have been using this natural beauty remedy for centuries to keep their hair looking its best.

What Type Of Tea Should You Use For Tea Rinses?

There are so many teas to be found on the market. Each of them develops unique characteristics through various processing and harvesting methods. Regardless of your choice, however, teas are generally rich in antioxidants and contain cleansing and antibacterial properties to boost your scalp and hair health.

For a start, though, you can try black and green teas. They are full of antibacterial, antioxidants and even anti-inflammatory compounds. The caffeine load in black tea can also help counteract the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen responsible for causing hair loss.

Who Can Benefit From Tea Rinses?

Everyone should use tea rinses, especially those dealing with thinning hair or dry, weak strands. Those whose hair lacks shine and life can also benefit from tea rinses, as they help promote sheen by supporting new growth and improving hair colour.

Thanks to its nourishing ingredients, a tea rinse can help your scalp stay healthy. You’ll also be glad to know that there’s no known side effect of topical application. However, it is still best to conduct a patch test to ensure you’re not sensitive to the type of tea you’re using.

Three Steps For Applying Tea Rinses

Tea is fantastic for your hair and applying it is easy. You’re just three small steps away from having a shiny, well-nourished mane:

  1. Brew two tea bags of your choice in 475 ml (roughly two cupfuls) of boiling water. Let it cool down before using it on your hair.
  2. Shampoo and condition your hair as you would usually, using clarifying shampoo if greasy, and apply the tea rinse directly to your damp hair. Some people prefer to put the tea rinse in a spray bottle and apply it from that. Either way, you’ll notice a significant difference in how your hair looks and feels.
  3. Put on a shower cap and leave the rinse in your hair for at least thirty minutes before washing out with cold water and letting your hair dry.

The Benefits Of Tea Rinses

So, are you ready to make your tea rinse solution? Before you do so, let’s first explore some of its benefits:

Moisturises Your Strands

Lack of moisture (sometimes due to the environment) can cause the hair to be brittle and prone to breakage. Fortunately, green teas are a great panthenol or Vitamin B5 source, moisturising and strengthening the strands while also increasing volume and improving hair manageability.

Combats Hair Loss

Green tea is full of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an ingredient that may prevent hair loss. It inhibits hormonal activities that induce hair loss while promoting hair regrowth through hair follicle stimulation.

Stimulates Cell Turnover And Promotes A Healthy Scalp

Black tea is rich in tannins and polyphenols. These ingredients are famous for stimulating skin cell rejuvenation, including the skin cells on your scalp. If scalp issues are causing your hair to grow weak and become fragile, a tea rinse nourishes your scalp and protects it from infection and dandruff.  A healthy scalp gives you the best chance of growing strong, shiny strands.


Tea rinses are cheap and easy to make at home. By adding tea rinses to your haircare routine, you can help your strands grow long and healthy and experience less hair breakage. So, even if you prefer a cup of coffee over tea, it might be a good reason to stock up on tea bags.

If you have hair concerns that extend beyond breakage to include hair loss, it’s perhaps time you sought professional advice. Vinci Hair Clinic is here to help. Our experts specialise in diagnosing and treating hair loss. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to all new clients. Take advantage of that and book your appointment today!