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The Bald Truth: You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression!

First impressions count. Research suggests that people can form initial impressions of someone in as little as the first 7-30 seconds of meeting them. This initial impression is often based on factors such as physical appearance, body language and tone of voice. Based on these factors, people can rush to judgement on how powerful, trustworthy […]

Why a Man’s Ring Finger Says So Much About Him!

When it comes to romance, the ring finger has huge significance for both men and women. Its role as the bearer of engagement and wedding bands has made it a symbol of fidelity and commitment, celebrated in both poetry and song. Breaking news, guys and gals: a man’s ring finger may be giving out more […]

Is Your Diet Contributing to Your Hair Loss?

Let’s be clear; it’s highly unlikely that your diet is responsible for your hair loss. The evidence for that is all around you. There are, unfortunately, many millions of people at home and abroad who don’t have a proper, balanced diet, but they don’t all experience hair loss as a result. That’s why the word […]

Just How Effective Are Hair Loss Medications?

People in the first throes of hair loss react in different ways. Some ignore the mounting evidence of excessive shedding in the hope that the problem will simply fix itself (spoiler alert: it doesn’t!). Some change their hairstyle to disguise the problem. Then there are those who turn to medication in an attempt to reverse […]