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Another Day, Another Study Proving the Benefits of Hair Transplantation Surgery

Many people think that the benefits of hair transplantation surgery are all about appearances. They think that thousands of individuals are driven to get a hair transplant simply so that they can look good. As regular readers of this blog will know, that’s not a viewpoint we share. Nor is it an opinion shared by […]

Is There a Difference Between Hair Loss and Hair Shedding?

Most of us know the feeling. You carefully style your hair in the morning only to get a sinking sensation in your stomach when you see how many hairs are left on the brush or comb. Or you stand in the shower as the water runs away, looking aghast at the mouse-like ball of hair […]

Health Warning! The Hidden Dangers of Hair Transplant Tourism

Media outlets in India were full of a grim hair transplant story in the first week of December. Thirty-year-old TV executive Athar Rasheed decided to have surgery in 2021 to boost his self-confidence, as his rapidly receding hairline had left him feeling at a low ebb. He spotted a ‘special offer’ on a hair transplant […]

Hair Transplant Myths Busted!

Millions of people around the world suffer from hair loss and, increasingly, hair transplant surgery is being viewed as a tried and trusted way of dealing with the problem. That doesn’t mean that choosing to go for a hair transplant is an easy decision; there is still a stigma attached to the process. Good progress […]

Is Mesotherapy the Solution to Your Hair Problems?

Mesotherapy treatment is enjoying phenomenal success right now. It’s not a new treatment; it’s been used in the aesthetics business for many years for facial rejuvenation and helping people with weight issues. Recently, however, it has been getting rave reviews for its contribution to the battle against hair loss. That’s one reason why the global […]

I Blame the Parents! Everything You Need to Know About Genetic Hair Loss

You probably know it as male or female pattern baldness. If you’re a stickler for using the correct terminology, you might refer to it as androgenetic alopecia. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s still the same hair loss problem you’ve inherited from your family. About half of all adults will be showing some signs […]

How to Eat Your Way to Healthier Hair!

No one’s quite sure who first said, ‘You are what you eat!’ One thing everyone agrees on, though, is that whoever did say it was bang on the money; what we eat is essential to maintaining our general good health. It’s also vital in the battle to keep our hair in tip-top condition. In fact, […]

Beyond Cosmetics: Why Hair Restoration is Good for Your Mental Health

Hair restoration procedures, including hair transplants, are often categorised under the term ‘cosmetic surgery’. Is that an accurate description of hair restoration work? Whatever one’s views on cosmetic surgery, there can be little doubt that the term carries a slightly pejorative air about it. One dictionary definition of ‘cosmetic’, for example, gives its meaning as […]