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Is Hair Slugging a TikTok Trend or a Hair Hack Here to Stay?

If you’ve been paying attention to TikTok recently, you’ll probably know all about hair slugging. It’s been one of the big trends of 2022. Users have been posting videos of themselves wearing socks or turbans on their head at night as part of the process. Many have spoken about how slugging has transformed their tresses. […]

Our hair isn’t frivolous. Mourning its loss isn’t vanity

British journalist Liz Jones has shared the trauma she felt recently when she discovered that clumps of her hair were falling out. Her sudden hair loss was caused by telogen effluvium, which happens when the growing phase of the hair cycle slows down and more hairs move into the resting stage. The process is often […]

Essential Hairstyle Tips for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

Hair loss affects most women at some stage in their life. Sometimes it’s due to a medical condition or hormonal changes brought on by pregnancy and menopause. Sometimes it can result from female pattern baldness or the ageing process. Whatever the cause, the experience of seeing your hair thin and fall can be a traumatic […]