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The Daily Grind: Why Everyday Life Damages Your Hair!

Modern life can be a real test of strength and stamina. We live in an unrelenting, non-stop environment, a world of planes, trains and fast-streaming broadband. Juggling the competing demands of work, leisure, friends and family isn’t easy. Finding time to keep your hair looking healthy is understandably difficult, therefore. And it’s not just about […]

Thinking of Having a Hair Transplant? Here’s What You Can Expect!

Having a hair transplant isn’t something you do on the spur of the moment. Indeed, it’s very common to hear people who have had hair transplant surgery say something to the effect that they’d been thinking of having it done for years before they eventually decided to take the plunge. There are many reasons for […]

How to Prevent Hair Loss by Improving Your Diet

We live in a time when there is an app or a gadget to plug every gap in our lives. Faced with a problem, we can download the solution or purchase it with a click of the mouse. Perhaps it’s that modern mindset that leads so many of us to think that hair loss can […]