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Losing Hair After Fifty? This Common Condition Could Be The Cause

Can you picture yourself without your luscious locks? Would you look unrecognisable? It’s undeniable that our hair is a fundamental part of our identity. Losing it can therefore make us feel uncomfortable, particularly as we get older. As we age, our skin loses its vigour. Hair loss, at this stage, makes us appear even older. […]

Dr Mitch Shulman Speaks on Alopecia

Our daily schedules are often so busy that we don’t have much time to spend on self-care or haircare, to be more specific. Then one day you wake up in the morning and find more hair than usual on the pillowcase. You end up staring at the mirror, trying to figure out if you’ve less […]

Why Scalp Health Holds the Secret to Beautiful Hair

We mostly think about our hair only in terms of what the eye can see. So, we look at our luscious locks and shiny strands and forget that these are a product of the background we cannot see: the scalp. Make no mistake, our scalp health is responsible for the appearance and well-being of our […]

Seven Tips for Dealing with Dry and Brittle Hair

It’s not easy to find the right haircare routine. Too often you end up with dry and brittle hair rather than the ideal look you were aiming for. With the summer season approaching and the temperatures going up, maintaining healthy and well-moisturised hair becomes even more challenging. Increased exposure to the sun can have a […]

COVID and Hair Loss: How Are They Related?

A lot of things have happened in the past three years, including the emergence of new social media trends and, of course, the pandemic which has stressed out the whole world. The disease had us checking the news every single hour for updates. Things are slowly getting back to normal, but there are still consequences […]

Five Tips to Help Maintain Shiny and Healthy Hair in Warm Weather

Our daily routines vary. Many of us start the day with a workout, meaning that we have to shower and wash our hair more often. Some of us get tangled up in busy work schedules and go about the day without paying much attention to haircare. Whatever your situation, chances are that you do a […]

How to Deal with Beard Hair Loss

Beard hair loss is something we rarely think about, but you’d be surprised at how many men are stressed by the thinning of their beard hair. Maybe that’s because having a beard is associated with manhood and vigour, and who wants to lose that? Not everyone is lucky enough to have beard hair so those […]

Things You Should Know About Alopecia

The recent events at the Oscars focused our attention on hair loss and alopecia, the medical term for hair loss. The comedian Chris Rock cracked a bad joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved head, a hairstyle she adopted in response to alopecia. Her husband, Will Smith, took offence and slapped him. According to National Health […]

Are Oils Enough to Stop Hair Loss in Women?

Hair loss is a common issue that seriously affects our looks and confidence. Some degree of hair fall is to be expected. Roughly one hundred strands leave our scalp every day as part of the natural growth cycle. These dead strands need to fall and be replaced by new ones. The problem begins when no […]

Can Raw Onion Juice Reduce Hair Loss?

Hair loss has several different stages, and each stage requires a different type of treatment. Before considering hair transplants or any other type of surgical treatment, those experiencing early-stage hair loss should consider using homemade remedies that can achieve satisfactory results. These treatments include natural oils and scalp massages. Besides rosemary oil, aloe vera and […]