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How to Add Protein Treatments to Your Haircare Routine

Let’s say that you’re holding a product that has ‘keratin’ or ‘hair repairing’ on its ingredients list. If this is the case, chances are that you’re taking protein treatment for your hair. These products can potentially strengthen the links between strands and repair the broken follicles. But as with many other products, protein-based treatments should […]

Ten Home Remedies for Women Who Want to Grow Thicker Hair

Hair loss occurs in both genders with few exceptions, throwing us into a constant search for remedies or treatments that can bring our luscious locks back stronger than ever. Over fifty per cent of women experience hair loss during their lifetime, and this happens for a number of reasons. Women who have just gone through […]

Four Factors That Affect Hair Health and Growth in Women

Whether you’ve got your hair in a messy bun, added a new colour to it, or formed a new cut, it all says something about your personality traits, such as your attention to detail or self-care. The thing is that we’re constantly facing hair loss issues that arise out of nowhere and stop us from […]

Karanja Oil Is The Haircare Ingredient You Never Knew You Needed!

Psoriasis and eczema patients are surprised by the benefits of Karanja oil. To start with, it has a pleasant scent and is environmentally friendly. More importantly, when it comes to healing and germ-fighting properties, Karanja oil shines. It helps wounds heal due to the high levels of omega-9 fatty acid it contains (over 50 per […]

What’s The Role Of Octyldodecanol In Haircare Products?

When reviewing a product’s label, octyldodecanol is the type of substance you’re likely to skip over. You’ll find it in so many products in a cosmetic aisle. It’s widely used as an emollient, surfactant, texture modifier and anti-foaming ingredient in the haircare industry. Transparent and odourless, octyldodecanol is a fatty alcohol derived from natural fats […]

Male Hair Loss Treatments: This Meta-Analysis Finds the Most Effective One

Hair falls, and it’s not something any of us likes to see. The first sign is a receding hairline that starts from the top of your head and spreads out on the sides. This is a type of hair loss known as male-pattern baldness (MPB). It’s the most common one, but it’s not untreatable. Studies […]

Why Is Bhringraj Oil The Latest Haircare Craze?

A great hair day is enough to lift your spirits. One cannot get to that point, however, without accepting the fact that sustaining your strands needs a lot of work. Moistening your hair regularly is typical of the kind of work needed to protect your mane. Using hair oil to do this will be a […]