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The Five Procedures that Have Revolutionised Hair Restoration!

Truly, the global hair restoration business is in rude health. Market researchers calculated that the hair transplant market generated nearly $5 billion worth of business in 2021. They also estimated that this figure would grow to $30 billion by 2030. Many factors are driving the surge in business, including the high-quality outcomes delivered by hair […]

Why Good Design is Vital for a Natural-looking New Hairline!

The hairline, for many people, is the single most important part of their hair. It’s not hard to understand why. When you look in the mirror, the most visible part of your hair is the hairline. Others may see the back, sides and top of your head as you go about your life, but your […]

The Beard Transplant Market Keeps on Growing: Here’s Why!

A report issued in 2022 told the general public what many in the hair restoration business already knew; beard transplants are on the rise! The global market for the procedure is expected to increase in value by over 20% to be worth $1.2 billion by 2031. What’s driving this impressive surge? Well, like every good […]

Five Great Reasons to Get a Hair Transplant!

Here’s the truth: not everyone who is struggling with thinning hair or a receding hairline needs a hair transplant, nor is everyone who wants a transplant a suitable candidate for the procedure. If you find yourself in either of those two categories, don’t despair. There are some truly great hair treatments available these days, so […]

Why Clinics are Seeing a Huge Rise in Female Clients!

Let’s open with a few statistics. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) released figures showing that in 2021, 87% of clients having hair restoration surgery around the world were male. For non-surgical treatments, men comprised 62% of the total figure. The predominance of male clients in those statistics is unsurprising, given that hair […]

Are These the Most Unusual Causes of Hair Loss?

Millions of people worldwide are affected by hair loss. And we all know what causes it, don’t we? Sure we do. It’s all down to genetics, hormonal changes or medical conditions. Sometimes it can be a combination of all of those or two of the three, but that’s it. End of story.  Except that’s not […]

Do Footballers Play Better After They’ve Had a Hair Transplant?

Football is a sport that captivates millions around the world, and the performance of the players is always scrutinised by coaches, fans, pundits and the media. In recent years, the topic of hair transplants has gained significant attention, with many footballers choosing to have hair surgery to address issues of hair loss. Wayne Rooney, David […]

Hype or Helpful? Six Hair Growth Supplements Reviewed

Doing an internet search on hair growth supplements can be something of a discouraging experience. That’s because there’s so much information available and wading through it takes time. The amount of marketing hype surrounding each product doesn’t help either. Miracle cures are touted, ambitious claims are made for the efficacy of this or that particular […]

Everything You Need to Know About Female Pattern Baldness!

It used to be that hair loss was viewed as a male-only problem. It wasn’t that women didn’t suffer from it, more that it just wasn’t talked about. All that has changed. Celebrities like Tyra Banks, Viola Davis and Jada Pinkett Smith have spoken in the media about their hair loss issues, and this has […]

Scalp Ageing: Why Should You Care About This?

When it comes to the topic of ageing, most people tend to focus on visible signs such as wrinkles, grey hair and sagging skin. However, there’s one area that often goes unnoticed yet plays a significant role in our overall appearance and well-being: the scalp. Your scalp is not immune to the effects of ageing, […]