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Bright Future Ahead for Hair Transplant Market!

Do an internet search on the future of the global hair transplant market and you’ll find yourself buried in statistics. Many of these will have been compiled by reputable marketing agencies and commercial intelligence organisations. The latest, from the Skyquest Group, values the market at USD 8.4 billion in 2021 and estimates it will rise […]

Is it Normal to Experience Shock Loss After a Hair Transplant?

Forewarned is forearmed, so the saying goes. It holds good for most things in life, but it’s particularly true if you’re going for a surgical procedure. You want to know exactly what’s in front of you from start to finish. Good clinics will view this as part of their responsibility to you and will make […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Postpartum Hair Loss

Supermodel Ashley Graham is someone who likes to keep it real. She’s a successful, plus-size woman in an industry that typically shuns women with fuller figures. She regularly posts photos of herself in unflattering poses, pictures that show her without makeup or sporting armpit hair or a broken front tooth. It’s probably not surprising, therefore, […]

Why Hair Transplant Surgery Shouldn’t Be Considered a Cosmetic Treatment

Hair transplants are on the rise around the world. A report published last year by Allied Market Research revealed that the global hair transplant market was worth nearly $5 billion in 2021. That figure is forecast to rise to $30 by 2030. Impressive, right? But that’s only half the story. Anecdotally, hair specialists will tell […]

UK Soap Star ‘Much More Confident’ After Hair Transplant

UK soap star, Lee Mead, recently became the latest top actor to reveal that he’d had a hair transplant. Familiar to British TV audiences because of his appearances on Holby City and Casualty, Mead took to Instagram to announce the news of his treatment. In doing so, he joined a growing list of actors and […]

Hair Transplants for Women: Everything You Need to Know

Figures released by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) in 2022 show that there’s still a big gap between men and women when it comes to hair transplant surgery. Approximately 87% of hair transplant procedures performed by ISHRS members were carried out on male clients, leaving women to make up just 13% of […]

Bounce Back from Post-Covid Hair Loss with These Top Tips!

Covid-19 no longer dominates the news bulletins, thankfully, but that doesn’t mean the virus has disappeared completely. It’s still amongst us, even if infection rates and hospitalisations associated with the disease continue to decline around the world. One nasty side effect of the disease still makes the news, however; post-Covid hair loss continues to cause […]

Can Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Lead to Hair Loss?

In his haunting song from the1970s, legendary songwriter Bob Dylan sang about drinking ‘one more cup of coffee for the road’ before leaving his lover. That iconic song has linked a simple cup of coffee to thoughts of love and loss in the minds of generations of Dylan fans. Now, more prosaically, coffee has been […]

What Lengths Would YOU Go to Hide Your Hair Loss?

British superbike champion Dan Linfoot is different from most people. He’s a top competitor in his chosen sport, someone who makes a good living doing a job he loves. Few people are so fortunate. In other ways, Linfoot is just like so many of us in that he suffers from pattern baldness, a condition which […]

Top Tips for Treating Receding Hairlines in Women!

Women of all ages have experienced that sinking feeling. It happens the moment you look in the mirror and notice that your part has widened and the hair around your temples looks thinner. You can tell yourself that it’s just a bad hair day, but that sinking feeling tells you something different. How you treat […]