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Is Scalp Folliculitis the Reason for Your Hair Loss?

What do you know about scalp folliculitis? Precious little, is probably the answer most of you will give to that question. And that’s a good thing. It means you haven’t experienced the misery caused by this nasty little skin disorder. But while ignorance is bliss in that sense, ignorance is also dangerous in that it […]

Why Do Hair Transplants Look So Much Better These Days?

Back in the day, hair restoration attempts supplied wannabe comedians with plenty of material. Wigs were always easy to spot and, consequently, a good source of laughter. Early attempts at hair transplants were a marked improvement, but even then the characteristic ‘hair plugs’, provided an easy identifier, so that was always good for a giggle […]

Does Baldness Have a Negative Impact on Your Life?

Bald men have known from the dawn of time that being ‘follicly challenged’ isn’t always easy. Take the nicknames, for starters; ‘baldy’ and ‘slaphead’ are two of the most widely used terms to describe bald men. Sometimes these are used as part of light-hearted banter. At other times, they’re used to insult and offend. Women […]

Why Are So Many Celebrities Choosing MSP?

Hair transplants are very much a mainstream hair restoration treatment these days. Down through the years, actors, rock musicians, MMA fighters and reality tv stars have all been instrumental in promoting the treatment simply by being open and honest about their own treatments. That has removed the stigma from the whole business of hair transplants […]

Alopecia: What Causes it and How Do You Fix it?

Alopecia is a hair loss condition that most of us would have been vaguely familiar with before Oscar night in March 2022. After that event, it became the most talked about medical problem on the planet for a short time. We all got to know about Jada Pinkett Smith’s struggle with alopecia, while it seemed […]

Why Haircare is Good for Your Mental Health

A neighbourhood health service in Hartford, Connecticut recently teamed up with a church pastor and a local barber to offer people experiencing homelessness free haircuts and health screenings. The ‘No Hair Left Behind’ event aimed to forge relationships with those often left on the outer edge of society. Reading about the event, most people will […]

Five Ways to Restore Your Hair That Don’t Involve Surgery!

Most of us experience abnormal hair loss at some point. The definition of ‘abnormal’ is anything greater than the number of hairs we lose daily as part of the hair growth cycle. That can amount to about one hundred hairs. More than that and you’re into abnormal hair loss territory. There are many reasons why […]

Safety First: How to Choose the Best Clinic for Your Hair Restoration Treatment

Earlier this year, the UK government took the unusual step of advising its citizens not to travel to Turkey for medical procedures. This followed the revelation that seventeen Britons have died since January 2019 after travelling to Turkey for medical treatment, including dental work and hair transplants. Why are people choosing to jump on a […]

Is Frizzy Hair Freaking You Out? These Top Tips Will Help!

You maybe know that feeling well. It’s the one you get when you look in the mirror and see that your hair looks like you’ve been standing too close to a helicopter as it landed. Despite your best efforts to keep them under control, your strands are all over the place. Once again, you’re freaked […]

Are High-Fat Foods Causing Your Hair Loss Problem?

Sports coaches have a saying: ‘Control the controllables.’ In other words, forget about the referee or umpire, the weather, your opponent, and all those other elements over which you have no power. Instead, focus on your own performance because that is something you can control. As in sport, so it is with hair. Our genetic […]