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Scarring Alopecia: Are Your Haircare Habits to Blame?

It’s never going to be a good day if you learn that you’re suffering from alopecia areata, the autoimmune condition that causes hair loss. The only silver lining to what is an otherwise jet-black cloud is the fact that the hair loss is reversible in most cases; once the cause of your hair loss is […]

Don’t Let Those Summer Swims Mess with Your Tresses!

While many people enjoy swimming at a local pool all year round, summer is the season when most of us are likely to dip a toe in the water. Whether it’s in the sea beneath a blue sky and hot sun or a pool at some idyllic holiday resort, the summer months are when we […]

Beard Transplants: Why Would You Want One and How Does it Work?

Beards have been fashionable for years. In fact, it’s not far off the mark to state that they’ve never really gone out of fashion. Sure, there are always changes to the type of beard that’s in vogue. The past year or two may have seen a shift away from the shaggy beard to something a […]

Coarse Hair? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Recently, I sat in a hair salon and listened as an unhappy customer berated a bemused stylist. The stylist’s offence? She’d been assessing the customer’s hair before working on it and had described it as ‘coarse’. The customer took this as an insult. Her reaction was sparked by a negative perception of coarse hair, and […]

Is COVID-19 Hair loss a Thing?

Thankfully, the worst years of the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic seem to be behind us. Rates of infection and death have fallen around the world, and most countries have lifted the draconian legal requirements for us all to stay at home and avoid contact with family and friends. The virus has left its mark, however. Many […]

What Are Laser Caps and Do I Need One?

If you’re one of those born-lucky people with a full head of thick hair, then hair loss or thinning probably doesn’t seem like such a big deal. You lose a bit of hair, so what? It’s not going to kill you, right? It’s easy to take such a view when you aren’t at the sharp […]

Why Prince Harry Should Tackle His Baldness Now

Has Prince Harry resigned himself to losing his hair? Recent comments made by the thirty-seven-year-old Royal would certainly seem to point that way. While promoting the Invictus Games in The Hague in April, he joked about being ‘doomed’ to follow in the footsteps of his father and older brother by going bald. Photographs taken at […]

Looking After Your Scalp Could Be the Game-Changing Move Your Hair Needs!

Know much about gardening? No, me neither. From speaking to keen gardeners, however, I do know the importance they place on good soil. It’s the soil, after all, that supplies nutrients, oxygen, moisture and root support to help plants grow. It’s the soil that determines whether plants grow and flourish or wither and die. Just […]