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Does Aloe Vera Make A Good Hair Mask?

Often called the wonder plant, aloe vera grows in the corner of your garden or even in the kitchen. These days, the commercial extraction of aloe vera gel means you don’t have to grow the plant yourself. The gel is found in the sturdy leaves of the plant, and it has many uses in complementary […]

Tips For Saving Your Bleach-Damaged Hair

Switching up your hairstyle can be fun. Often, it involves adding waves or cutting it short and changing its colour. But sometimes you can’t just colour your hair without bleaching it first, especially if you’re trying to achieve pastel or bold colour. Unfortunately, you can pay a heavy price for changing your hair colour, as […]

Is Sleeping With Hair Extensions Good For Your Hair?

Whether you want a casual look or an elegant style for a special occasion, hair extensions can make you look incredible in a matter of minutes. They give instant volume and length and allow for a hairstyle change suitable for any event. If you’re a new user, you might wonder if sleeping with hair extensions […]

Five Ways To Restore Your Natural Hair Colour

Are you tired of your chemically-dyed hair and thinking of changing back to your natural colour? Perhaps you’ve realised by now just how much maintenance it requires. Or maybe you don’t have the time, the patience or the money to keep going back to the salon to ensure that it looks good and healthy. Maintaining […]

How To Grow And Maintain Your Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have a long history dating back to at least 2500 BCE. In that time, they have been a part of spiritual and cultural practices in many different societies. Even today, they manifest an individual’s ethnic pride and deep spiritual convictions while also symbolising one’s understanding that physical appearance and vanity are insignificant. Also known […]

How To Nourish Your Hair During The Winter Chills

Your hair changes its behaviour with every season, and as we know, it’s winter somewhere in the world right now. The cold breeze and low temperature may make your hair dry and frizzy. However, a slight change to your hair routine can make a considerable difference. Tips To Nourish Your Hair During Cold Spells Reduce […]

The Downsides Of Not Washing Your Hair

Some people have such an obsession with being clean that they feel the need to wash their hair with astringent shampoo every day. Although washing helps your hair look and feel clean, you may end up overdoing it. That can lead to issues such as breakage, frizz and dry, damaged hair. But it doesn’t mean […]

Hair Care Routines For Healthy And Beautiful Hair

Do you find yourself looking at others and wondering how they manage to have smooth and silky hair while you’re constantly battling with tangles and frizz? Nothing you’ve tried seems to work, and it seems that having healthy, manageable hair is something you can only dream about. The good news is you can stop dreaming! […]

All You Should Know About Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening treatments are chemicals used on your hair to transform curly or textured hair into flat hair. These treatments can be effective for several months, lasting until there’s new hair growth to replace the treated hair. This durability is the reason it’s known as the permanent hair straightening process. The term permanent hair […]

Singer Livinho Gets FUE Hair Transplant!

Legendary Brazilian singer Livinho revealed that he had started baldness treatment last week. He recorded the start of the procedure in a video posted on his channel at the weekend. As part of the procedure, Livinho had to shave off all his hair. He joked about this while listening to Love By Grace, recalling the […]