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Experts Predict The Top Hair Trends For 2021

The salons have never been as quiet as they have been throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Hairstylists and barbers have had to shut their doors during the lockdowns, but things may be about to change. The hashtag #LockdownHair has been trending. It’s fair to say, hairdressers and their services have been sorely missed. Now that the […]

Key Ingredients For Healthy Hair Mask Treatments

Most people who experience hair loss tend to focus on the hair rather than the scalp on which it grows. Very few people stop to consider the huge contribution a healthy scalp makes to the overall appearance of good hair. Ignoring the skin layer that accommodates each hair follicle is a big mistake. It is […]

Vinci Hair Clinic – Experts in Beard Transplants

New research reveals that the number of men opting for beard transplant surgery has trebled in just two years. Celebrities like David Beckham, Bradley Cooper and Tom Hardy seem to have inspired the phenomenal growth of the beard transplant industry. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we have had an increase in enquiries regarding refining the beard […]

What To Eat For Healthier, Stronger Hair

The condition of your hair is a visible indicator of just how healthy your body is on the inside. Like the cells of the internal organs in your body, every single hair cell requires a regular supply of nutrients and minerals to stay healthy. Most of these critical nutrients come from your diet, although some […]