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Do I Make A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant Surgery?

About 60% of men and women will experience some form of hair loss by the age of 35-50 years, either as a sign of ageing or due to other reasons. However, hair transplant has become a popular procedure for regaining hairlines, full hair, and boosting self-confidence. A hair transplant procedure involves taking hair from thicker […]

What Is Shock Loss And Should I Worry After My Transplant?

Men are prone to balding with age. However, some men start losing their hair very early in their 20’s. Early hair loss is especially common if there is a hereditary component to the hair loss. Male pattern baldness is a genetic hair loss condition affecting many men in the world. Hair transplant surgery is one […]

The Importance of Aftercare Care For Hair Transplant Patients

Hair transplantation is a very delicate operation. You will need some time to heal and recover following your procedure, a crucial factor which can affect the outcome of your surgery. Your clinic will provide you with aftercare instructions you need to follow to make sure your recovery goes smoothly. The first few days following the […]

5 Different Types Of Hair Loss In Men And How To Treat Them

Hair loss in men is more common than you’d think. Take an unofficial survey as you walk through the streets of any major city, and you’ll see all different forms of hair loss under discussion in this article. You may be suffering hair loss yourself and will recognise the most likely type of condition you […]

What Women Need To Know About Hair Transplant Surgery

There is a lot of press and commentary when a celebrity reveals having a cosmetic procedure like a hair transplant. It’s usually male public figures you read about when it comes to hair loss, but women suffer from hair loss too. One of the procedures which remain almost taboo to speak about among women is […]

Is Seasonal Hair Loss A Thing And What To Do About It

A change of season is more than just the yellowing of leaves, shorter days and cooler temperature. Autumn signals essential changes in the human body too. If you’re just noticing more hair on your pillow in the morning or clumps coming out in the shower, don’t panic just yet. The chances are that it’s just […]

6 Common Triggers Of Hair Loss In Women And What To Do About It

6 Common Triggers Of Hair Loss In Women And What To Do About It Hair loss is normal. Until it’s not. There is no getting away from the fact that you’re going to lose some strands in the shower. And more when you brush your hair. Even the seemingly peaceful act of going to sleep […]