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Why Your Hair Is Falling Out And What You Should Do To Stop It Happening

Hair shedding usually is reversible while you can tame hair loss if you take action quickly enough. There are various reasons why hair loss occurs, and this article will answer some questions you have about thinning hair. Not only are you going to find out why your hair is falling, but you’ll also receive some […]

Caffeine And Hair. The Benefit You Didn’t Know Until Today

According to a recent study, caffeine is good for your hair. But before you start doubling or tripling your coffee intake, bear with us a minute as we get into the detail of the research. According to the study published in the International Journal of Dermatology, caffeine affects the growth cycle of hair follicles. The […]

6 Questions You Should Before Choosing A Hair Transplant Surgeon

Deciding to undergo hair transplant surgery to restore lost hair is a significant decision with so many things to think about. There are so many different hair restoration options out there and picking the one that’s right for you isn’t easy. In this blog, we discuss the six critical questions to ask any potential transplant […]

The Truth About Dandruff And What To Do About It

Dandruff happens even to the best of us at some point in our lives. A dry, flaky or itchy scalp is nothing to be embarrassed about, and you’re not alone. There are many proven products for treatment available on the market today. Dandruff is a condition where the skin on the scalp flakes. There are […]

Hair Loss Treatments: Are They All Worth The Money?

Everyone is searching for the magic bullet of hair loss treatments – that one pill or shampoo they can start using today and begin seeing new hair growth tomorrow. The sad truth is that no such potion exists, but that’s not stopping marketers from touting everything from herbal medicines to caffeine powders. Figures from the […]

Is a lack of THIS vitamin causing your hair loss?

Not every case of hair loss should send you rushing to find the nearest hair specialist in a panic. Often, it’s something as simple as your diet and some easy changes could be the easy fix you need. Vitamins and minerals are essential for the correct functioning of essential body functions such as red blood […]

How To Cope With Hair Loss: Tips For Women

Women find it incredibly tricky to deal with hair loss. It’s never easy losing your crowning glory. In this blog, we share different ways to cope with hair loss. Losing hair, especially for young women, can often lead to a loss in confidence. Society considers appearances essential in so many different ways, and hair plays […]

How To Treat Male Pattern Baldness in Black Men

In this blog, you will learn about male pattern baldness and the treatments which will help to regrow your hair. Hair loss affects men and women regardless of ethnic background. Among men, there is more acceptance of hair loss, with some embracing it and doing their best to make it a fashion statement. You’ll find […]

Platelet-rich plasma: The New Age Hair Loss Treatment Too Good To Be True

There are several causes of hair loss, from bad genes to stress. Just as there are various causes, there are different treatments, too. In this article, you will learn about a relatively new hair regrowth treatment which promises to thicken thinning hair. Don’t worry. It doesn’t involve any surgical procedures with long layoffs. The way […]

Top Causes of Severe Hair Loss In Men: The Last One May Surprise You

Millions of men and women suffer from hair loss all over the world. Losing your hair often feels like an attack on your person. However, it’s vital to observe caution when seeking answers. Hair loss doesn’t happen overnight. There are signs to look out for such as thinning hair or excessive shedding in the shower […]