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Whether you’ve attempting to try bangs or are planning a trim, a new haircut can completely transform your appearance. However, if your stylist fails to grasp your idea or if your effort at cutting your hair goes badly wrong, you could end up with uneven tresses or hair that doesn’t suit you. That’s the kind of transformation you can do without.

What do you do when you’ve had a terrible haircut? Below, you’ll discover how to correct a nightmare cut, as well as how to avoid bad haircuts in the first place.

Five Ways To Fix A Bad Haircut

You can mess up your day with a bad haircut. If your new hairstyle isn’t to your liking, you won’t be able to enjoy it or show it off. Fortunately, there’s no need to stress; follow the techniques below to fix a terrible haircut.

Straighten Your Hair

Straight hair is the best way to showcase your haircut, even if you don’t normally keep it straight. It will also help you to quickly identify the problem spots. You can skip this step if your hair is wavy or curly. Allow it to air dry to analyse how the cut interacts with the natural structure.

Figure Out What You Don’t Want

The first step in determining how to correct a haircut is figuring out precisely what you don’t like about it. Are the layers rough and uneven? Is it a little too thick? Does it make your face look too angular?

These are all issues that a stylist can help you with. If it’s something along the lines of, “I hate it because it’s so thin,” your best option might be to wear some cute hair clips while you wait for your hair to thicken up. Clip-in extensions could also provide a temporary solution.

Contact A Salon And See If They Can Help

After the first or second wash, you should be able to determine whether something is wrong with your haircut. It’s OK to call the salon and ask if they can fix it. While there’s no such thing as a perfect stylist, a good one will work with you to improve it. If you don’t want to go back to the same salon, you can schedule an appointment with someone else. Just make sure you inform the stylist what you think went wrong the first time and how you would like it put right. You’re the expert on your hair, after all, but keep it simple and realistic. Try to make sure that your new style will suit your way of life.

Remove Any Unwanted Layers

Some people prefer the messy look of layers, but not when your stylist cuts your hair into a shag instead of the length you want. Layering fine hair can make it appear thinner. Almost everyone has gone through the process of “let’s just put in some strands for movement.”

It’s easier to wait for layers to grow back to a single swingy length if you only clip the bottom. Do not touch anything else or brush the ends, a salon phrase for a half-inch trim. You’ll feel better if you can get an overall blunt look as quickly as possible.

Use Your Rollers And Curling Iron

For a terrific temporary fix, you can use a curling iron or hot rollers to curl, wave or crimp your hair instead of wearing it straight. This is a great way to hide a cut you don’t like on hair of any length or style.

Even damp or newly washed hair can be “set” with rollers or retro pin curls for body, swirls or loops. Try a side part with one ear tucked in or curl the bang area up to create a neat form. You can also set, dry and comb loose, carefree waves.

Tips To Prevent A Bad Haircut

Now you know how to deal with a terrible haircut, but it’s much better to avoid getting one in the first place. The four tips below will help you with this.

Don’t Try To Do It Yourself

The first rule to remember is never to attempt to cut your own hair. It’s best to leave the chopping to the professionals, no matter how many DIY videos you watch. Even professional stylists find it difficult to cut their own hair, so put those scissors down and step back!

Do Your Research On Your Stylist

Before getting a haircut, it’s critical to conduct your research. Make sure your stylist’s skill set is appropriate for your desired cut by reading reviews and listening to word-of-mouth recommendations, particularly if you’re visiting a new salon.

Bring Sample Pictures Of What You Want

Bringing photographs with you to demonstrate what you want is one of the simplest ways to avoid a bad haircut. Stylists are not mind readers, so it helps if you give them some idea of what result you’re after. Print a couple of images or save them to your phone to ensure you’re satisfied with the result.


A bad haircut is both upsetting and aggravating. Following the tips above can help you feel better by repairing or concealing troublesome areas. You have the choice of having your hair repaired or doing a few things to cover it while it grows out. Best of all, however, is to avoid having a bad haircut in the first place.

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