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Thinning hair and how to manage it is a worry that keeps many women awake at night. Hair loss impacts confidence and self-esteem in individuals regardless of gender. Nevertheless, there is little doubt that thinning hair seems to bother women more than men. There are different options for treatment, but a little-known method is currently making headlines. Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) works wonders at creating a semi-permanent appearance of fuller hair. Read more to discover what MSP can do to help restore your hair confidence.

What Is MSP?

There are limits to the options available to women experiencing diffuse hair loss. Most medical treatments available to men do not work for women.

MSP is a procedure popular with men suffering from male pattern baldness who want to have a close-shaven head look. However, it’s only recently that MSP has begun to take off as a viable solution to diffuse hair loss and hair thinning.

MSP involves technicians using fine needles to deposit small quantities of medical-grade skin pigments into the scalp. The procedure involves placing microdots between thinning hair strands. The pigment colour is chosen carefully to match the hair of the recipient, thus reducing the contrast between the hair and bare scalp. As a result, the illusion of a fuller, thicker head of hair is created almost instantly. 

The Basics Of MSP Treatment

If you’re seeking a non-surgical procedure but you’re not too keen on medication, MSP might be right up your street. Like any other cosmetic treatment, you will require a consultation so that the technician can determine if this is the right hair loss procedure for you. You also get time to ask questions about what the process involves during the consultation.

As mentioned earlier, the treatment involves depositing a pigmentation into the epidermal layers of the scalp. Numbing cream is applied to your scalp before the start of the treatment to minimise discomfort. The goal is to replicate the appearance of natural hair follicles by camouflaging the area of the scalp where hair loss has occurred.

The process is very similar to microblading for eyebrows, the only difference being that technicians use an electronic device instead of a manual blade. It’s been likened to a hair tattoo, but it’s a far more advanced technique than that.

Advantages Of MSP

If you’re on the fence about MSP, here are some of its advantages that might just convince you:

As cosmetic hair loss solutions go, MSP offers more than other options. Unlike products with a limited lifespan, such as microfibres, for example, you never have to worry about any bald spots again once you finish your sessions.

Does MSP Treatment Hurt?

This is a fair question, as most people have this image of a tattoo gun on their scalp. The short answer is that there should be only minimal discomfort due to the use of a numbing agent on your scalp before you begin. After that, it all depends on your pain tolerance. So, it may sting, but just a little!

You should follow the advice from your hair clinic closely after each session. Precautions you should take include:

All these precautions help ensure that the pigment settles and does not prematurely degrade before it has a chance to do so.

When Can You Expect To See Results?

You can start seeing the effects of MSP almost immediately. However, the optimum results are visible after about the third session. You may require more sessions, depending on the extent of the bald or thinning area being treated, but 3 sessions are usually enough.

MSP is an art, and your technician will take a staged approach to see the results of the first session before building upon them.

Ready To Get started with MSP?

If you’re experiencing thinning hair and would like to find out if MSP is the right procedure for you, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. Give Vinci a call to book your free consultation with one of our hair restoration specialists today.

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