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Why ‘Hair Tattoos’ Could Soon Be a Man’s Favourite Cosmetic Procedure!

If you’re dealing with hair loss, then welcome to the club! It’s a common issue that affects many of us, regardless of age or gender. Fortunately, there are many treatments out there that can help restore your hair or manage the condition in a way that allows you to live your life with confidence. One that seems to be enjoying a surge in popularity recently is Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP), also known as Scalp Micropigmentation. In this article, we’ll explore why MSP is breaking down taboos and helping more men to access hair loss treatment. Keep reading to find out more!

What is It?

First things first, what is MSP? Simply put, it’s a hair loss treatment that involves tattooing tiny dots on your scalp using ultra-fine needles and medical-grade pigment to mimic the look of hair follicles. The result is a natural-looking hairline that can cover up bald spots, thinning hair, or scars. The procedure is non-invasive, requires no downtime, and is relatively affordable compared to other cosmetic procedures.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of MSP. A 2017 study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, for example, noted that MSP could be effective for people with scars or alopecia by creating the appearance of thicker hair.


Another advantage of MSP is its ability to work with various hair types and styles. Unlike hair transplants, which require a donor site with enough healthy hair follicles to relocate, MSP can create the illusion of hair even in areas with little or no hair left. This can be particularly helpful for people with diffuse thinning, where the hair loss is spread out across the scalp and even into the donor areas. With MSP, you can create a seamless blend between your existing hair and the tattooed dots, resulting in the appearance of greater density.

MSP is also a low-maintenance treatment that doesn’t require any special care or products. In fact, it’s pretty much maintenance-free. You can wash, style, and treat your hair as usual, without worrying about damaging the tattooed dots. This can be a big relief for people who don’t want to change their routine or spend extra time and money on haircare. MSP is a one-time procedure that can last for years before requiring a touch-up.

The Tattoo Effect

Celebrities have helped popularise MSP in recent years. Hollywood stars like Vin Diesel and Jamie Foxx, together with former footballer David Beckham, are rumoured to have undergone the treatment. Seeing these A-listers take action to address their hair loss undoubtedly inspires the man in the street to do the same. If it’s good enough for them, so the thinking goes, why not for me?

But it’s more than just celebrity endorsement that’s driving the demand for MSP. Some practitioners have expressed the view that a ‘taboo’ has been broken, that men are queuing up to get what is, in effect, a cosmetic procedure in a way they wouldn’t have done even ten years ago.

Maybe that’s because MSP resembles tattooing in its process, and tattoos have never been regarded as cosmetic procedures. MSP, therefore, doesn’t have the same stigma attached to it that other hair loss treatments and cosmetic procedures do. For men, that makes it much easier to go for.


Like any cosmetic procedure, MSP does come with some risks and limitations. For example, if you have very light or blonde hair, it may be harder to create a convincing illusion of hair follicles with MSP. Similarly, if you have very oily or sensitive skin, you may be more prone to infections or reactions from the tattooing process.

However, the greatest danger associated with the process is the risk of choosing the wrong practitioner. Many untrained people set themselves up as MSP technicians, often delivering poor, unnatural-looking outcomes. Social media influencer and YouTuber, Yousef Erakat, better known as Fousey, fell victim to this kind of shoddy practice and ended up getting his head lasered to remove the result.

That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable and experienced MSP practitioner who can assess your case and deliver top-quality results in a safe environment.


The reasons for the surge in popularity of MSP amongst men are worth studying. It seems that guys are comfortable getting the procedure because it does not have the stigma of cosmetic surgery attached to it. That shows the importance of breaking down the stigmas that surround other hair loss treatments.

If you want more information about MSP, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. We were one of the pioneers of the procedure and have, over the years, developed unrivalled expertise in this field. We also offer a free, no-obligation consultation to new clients, so you can get all your questions answered before you make a decision. Get in touch and book your appointment today!