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Tips For Achieving The Perfect Winter Wedding Hair

Getting married during winter is an excellent idea except for one issue: your hair. Winter can be just as damaging to your hair as summertime or monsoons. Hair dryness, splitting, dandruff and flaky scalp are the most frequent hair concerns in the winter. These things have the potential to destroy your mood and cast a shadow over your wedding. So, to help you achieve your hair aspirations before your wedding, here are some simple bridal haircare suggestions for winter brides.

Four Ideas For Winter Wedding Hair

While summer weddings are more typical, a winter wedding can be a lovely, romantic occasion. Having the correct hairstyle to complement your outfit is vital whether it’s your wedding or you’re just attending as a guest. However, because winter weather is so unpredictable, it can be tough to keep your hair picture-perfect all day. That’s why you must learn some helpful tips to achieve a stunning hairdo.

Select The Most Suitable Products

Determining your hair type will help you select the appropriate products for your texture and state. The procedure entails observing certain hair qualities for a few minutes to determine their unique traits. You’ll have a better idea of what brands to choose for your hair after you’ve done this.

Apply Rich Conditioning Products

The harsh weather and dry air of winter can harm your hair. It’s critical, therefore, to use a deep conditioning solution to keep your hair hydrated in the months leading up to the big day. Use coconut oil or olive oil to enhance the silkiness and lustre of your hair and to leave you with thick, glossy tresses.

Moroccan oil is another excellent option. Argan oil’s power will not only restore your hair’s shine but also help it regain its flexibility. This remedy is perfect for all hair types, and the benefits are visible after the first application. It will help restore your hair’s natural shine if you use it daily.

Rock What You’ve Got

Work with what you’ve got and choose a haircut that highlights your natural hair structure. Let your natural curls emerge rather than burning your hair the day before the wedding. Fine, straight hair will be more susceptible to drop loops with the cold weather outside and heating indoors. The naturally fine hair, on the other hand, may become unmanageable.

It’s always a good idea to put your hair up. You can also add braids, loops and stunning ornaments to the hairdo to make it stand out. Neatly styling your hair like this means that your lovely look won’t move throughout the day.

Do Not Cut Your Hair

Don’t get your hair cut the day before your wedding! Few things can spoil a big day like an awful new haircut or haircut shock. Some people’s hair tangles more noticeably at the ends, while others complain of frizzy or flyaway hairs. It usually lasts until the first shampoo, although it can be up to a week in certain situations.

Get your haircut three to four weeks before the wedding day. Your hair will calm down and keep growing out from the roots during this period, removing any immediate haircut shock. If you need a trim, schedule it one week before your wedding day and make sure you visit a reputable stylist.

What To Look For In A Wedding Hairstylist

Finding the right stylist can be difficult. You don’t have to go to your regular stylist for your wedding cut. Hairstyling for a wedding is a specialised service that differs from haircutting and dyeing.

Ask friends for referrals or check with a couple of stylists. You might be able to find someone who focuses on wedding makeup and hair in the salon. Schedule a hair test with your chosen hairstylist. Also, check what it’s going to cost; many hairdressers charge an additional fee for wedding makeup.

Is It Worth Doing Your Own Wedding Hair?

If you want to, you can do your own hair for the wedding. Don’t pay extra cash on a hairdresser and makeup artist if you don’t want to. Save your funds for a special occasion, such as a holiday or honeymoon. It’s your money, after all.

Enlist the help of a friend or two to help you manage your hair on the wedding day. Have a practice period a week or so ahead of time, just like you would with an expert.


It takes more care and effort to look good in winter. Cold weather wreaks havoc on your hair, causing it to dry out and frizz. A lack of moisture in your locks results in curly hair. With the appropriate products, planning and mindset, however, you can look gorgeous on your wedding day. Follow all of the above tips to obtain the perfect winter wedding hair!

If you’re planning a wedding in the future but are worried that your receding hairline or hair loss may affect your look, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. Hair restoration is our business. Get in touch with us today to book your complimentary consultation!