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Three Essential Facts About Eyebrow Hair Transplants

Are your eyebrows too thin? Do you have patchy areas caused by excess tweezing or waxing? Do you wish that you could toss your eyebrow make-up pencil in the trash?

If you said yes, then an eyebrow hair transplant procedure could be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this blog, we provide you with three essential facts about this type of hair restoration surgery.

 It restores your eyebrows with your own hair

The eyebrow hair transplant procedure works on the same concept as a traditional hair transplant surgery. Hair follicles are harvested from elsewhere on your body to create a supply of grafts. The grafts are then carefully implanted into the brow area to rebuild density and definition. This technique requires the skill of a highly-trained surgeon to produce great-looking results. Each graft must be placed with precision to follow the natural flow of hair growth and create an eyebrow that perfectly flatters the patient’s features.

 It takes time for the results to develop

Eyebrow hair transplant surgery provides permanent results but it will take some time before the final outcome can be appreciated. It will take around three or four months for noticeable growth to develop, and around ten months for the end result to be visible.

You can still groom your brows

One of the major advantages of an eyebrow transplant procedure is that the transplanted hair can be groomed just like the naturally growing hair. After the initial healing period is completed, you will be able to trim and shape your brows, apply make-up and even tint them with dye. The permanent result provided by hair transplant surgery gives you the freedom to style your eyebrows however you would like to.

Vinci Hair Clinic eyebrow transplants

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