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Show Your Roots Some TLC With These Four Easy Treatments

Your regular shampoo and conditioner undoubtedly go a long way to keeping your locks shiny and manageable, but there are still things you can do to avoid going down the dark path of dryness, frizziness and hair damage. One of these involves going deeper into the roots to restore your hair’s strength and health and guard against future breakage.

You can’t expect to maintain long, beautiful hair without paying attention to your roots. They are the second most essential part of your hair after your scalp, so they deserve all the TLC you can give. So, if you’re ready to provide your hair roots with the nourishing treatment they need, here are some easy solutions to revitalise your strands from root to tip.

Apply A Nourishing Hair Balm

Your hair is probably lacklustre because it’s dehydrated, or because you’ve been overusing harsh chemicals or treatments. Maybe you’re using the wrong hair products or not getting enough nutrition in your diet, something which can profoundly affect your hair’s health.

If your locks seem dull, weak and limp, it may be a good time to apply hair balm to restore some life to them. This hair root treatment will hydrate, smooth and soften your hair, making it frizz-free and luscious.

Look for a formula rich in ingredients like Vitamin E that will add strength to your hair, as well as glycerin to hydrate your scalp and strands. Massage it onto your damp hair and work it through the roots to the ends. Don’t rinse it yet but wait for three to five minutes until you wash the formula off your hair. For best results, apply hair balm twice a week.

Consider Regular Scalp Scrubs

You might not realise it, but scalp scrub is one of the most beneficial hair root treatments to consider. It’s recommended if your roots feel greasy and heavy even after washing. Scrubs exfoliate your scalp to eliminate dead skin cells, oils and dirt, freshening up the skin and helping your hair follicles to grow strong and healthy hair.

Being gentle is vital when exfoliating the scalp. Pick a solution suitable for your scalp type and massage it directly onto the skin in a circular motion. Then, rinse with lukewarm water and enjoy the detoxifying benefit on your roots and scalp.

Time For A Hot Oil Treatment

A convenient and easy way to give your roots and strands some TLC is to perform a hot oil treatment. It is a great way to protect and nourish your dry, brittle hair. It works by sealing the cuticle and coating the strands with oil to reap its many benefits.

You can go to a salon or, if you want a more affordable option, choose a DIY treatment for home use. If choosing the latter, make sure you use the proper treatment for your hair and scalp type.

It may be tempting to pour oil into a bowl and place it in the microwave, but don’t take that risk. Instead, warm it up slowly by placing the container with oil in a hot cup of water. Once you’re in the shower, wet your hair and apply the treatment over your roots and through your strands. Then, gently massage it to ensure your locks are getting a thorough coating. Next, cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for up to fifteen minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. Finally, continue your usual hair care routine.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

The benefits of aloe vera go way beyond soothing your sunburned skin. It is a powerful medicinal plant known for its incredible healing properties. It can relieve a dry and irritated scalp, keep your hair follicles strong and prevent hair breakage. In addition, it can stimulate hair growth and is full of minerals and vitamins essential for shiny and bouncy hair.

Try to give your roots and follicles extra TLC by rubbing a small amount of aloe vera gel all over your scalp once a week. Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes so your skin can absorb its nutrients. Next, wash it off with your favourite shampoo. You can also combine it with a scalp scrub to remove product buildup and exfoliate your scalp.


Keep in mind that a healthy, clean scalp is crucial for taking great care of your hair roots. So, no matter what root treatment you choose, it’s essential to pay attention to how it will affect your scalp health. By showing your roots some tender love and care, your scalp and strands will thank you!

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