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Protect Your Hair From Summer Sun Damage

Few people realise that the summer sun wreaks havoc on the health and appearance of their hair. If swimming is one of your favourite activities during the hot months and you’re planning more time in the sun in the months to come, you need to look after both your skin and your hair. Whether you are going abroad or spending time closer to home, you will find some tips in this post to help you take better care of your hair.

Why Does Your Hair Look So Ragged Post-Summer?

According to a leading London hairstylist, there are various reasons why your hair looks and feels damaged post-summer. Earl Simms explains that “The sun gives off harmful rays that dry the hair, particularly hair that is chemically treated”.

If you are using chemicals or heat to style your hair, the heat from the sun in the summer intensifies the damage. On top of that, chlorine from swimming pools also takes its toll on your hair. Even if you are just swimming in the sea or generally getting your hair wet, you are weakening your hair without being aware of it.

Heading into summer simply hoping for the best doesn’t work anymore. To keep your hair in the best condition, you’re going to need a battle plan. Read more to learn about how to keep your hair healthy this summer…

A Winning Summer Haircare Routine

It’s often the simplest things that go a long way to keeping our hair and body healthy. For example, a whole host of health and skin conditions could be eliminated if only everyone drank enough water.

#1. Wear A Sun Hat

This one shouldn’t need saying, but we’ll say it anyway as you’d be surprised how many people ignore it. Hats don’t have to be boring and bland. You can spice things up a little bit by choosing to go chic or protect your hair using a scarf or hairband. An alternative is to create a moisture barrier to save your hair.  Apply some conditioner and it will nourish and hydrate your hair throughout the day.

#2. A Hair Mask Is Your Best Friend

A hair mask will nourish your hair and prepare it for the demands of the summer months. Applying a hair mask once weekly is enough to maintain your hair in good condition. If your hair is dry, perhaps masking twice a week will help because dry hair soaks up all the goodness. You don’t have to fork out your hard-earned cash for a hair mask; the DIY option is more than enough. Here is how to make a cheap and effective conditioning mask at home:

  1. Crush an avocado, add 100% olive oil and mix into a paste.
  2. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo.
  3. Apply the avocado and work the mixture through your hair. Leave this on for an hour.
  4. Rinse out the avocado until the water runs clear before applying shampoo and perhaps conditioner if necessary.
  5. Repeat weekly or every fortnight to moisturise and hydrate your hair.

Nothing beats this natural and wholesome method of adding and locking moisture into your hair. Your hair will have a fighting chance when summer comes around.

#3. Switch To Hydrating Shampoo And Conditioner

Your hair will suffer from the heat during the summer months and lose a ton of moisture. Swapping your regular shampoo and conditioner to formulations that boost your hair’s moisture is another excellent way to look after it.

Couple an SPF shampoo with an oil-based conditioner to really boost the hydration levels. Use a microfibre towel and blot dry your hair to prevent frizzy hair.

#4. Nothing Beats A Professional Touch

A deep-conditioning treatment is one of the easiest ways to get beautiful hair. The treatment not only takes care of the hair strands but is also a practical roots treatment. Whatever condition your hair is in, you are guaranteed to see a marked improvement following a conditioning treatment.

A regular trim at the same time will eliminate split ends and leave your hair healthy and happy again.

#5. Protect Your Hair From The Destructive Trio

Sun, sea and sand can all cause harm to your hair in different ways. Spending time on the beach or in the sea means saltwater and sand will end up in your hair. Even if lounging by the pool is your idea of heaven, the chlorine is unkind to your hair.

Take that quick shower before plunging into the sea or the swimming pool. Your hair can only take in or absorb so much water. If you pre-wash it before swimming, you reduce the amount of sea or chlorinated water your hair can absorb. A moisturising mask will also act as a protective barrier against chlorine damage.

Follow these five tips and your hair has every chance of coming out the other end of summer full of vitality. Vinci Hair Clinic caters for clients suffering from different hair woes. If you’re struggling with hair thinning or hair loss, you can turn to us. Get in touch and book your free consultation today!