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Olive Oil – How To Use It In Your Haircare Routine

Olives are tree crops native to the Mediterranean Basin. Their fruits are famous as the main ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. These fruits also produce the olive oil that is used in cooking, salad dressing, fuel, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In addition, people worldwide have used olive oil as an organic haircare product, as many believe it makes the hair softer, shinier and more resilient.

Primary chemicals present in olive oil include palmitic acid, oleic acid and squalene, as well as other fatty acids like linoleic acid. These components are all emollients, which means that they have moisturising and softening elements every type of hair needs. Olive oil is a natural source of emollients, unlike most commercial shampoos, conditioners and pomades which contain lab-made emollients.

Starting Your Olive Oil Haircare Routine

Research shows that olive oil, with its remarkable nutritional and organoleptic features, is an excellent hair moisturiser. Moreover, olive oil lances through the hair shaft, adding softness and strength while preserving its moisture. Here are some essential olive oil haircare tips you can add to your haircare regimen.

Measure The Amount Of Oil To Be Used

If it’s your first time experimenting with olive oil in your hair, measure out how much you’ll use with a tablespoon. For example, one or two tablespoons of olive oil is good enough for your first hair treatment. Take note that the amount of olive oil you’ll use in the future will depend on the level of moisture you want for your hair.

If your hair shows no adverse reaction to your first experience, you can proceed to use olive oil more liberally. For an entire head treatment, two tablespoons won’t be enough; at least one-quarter of a cup of olive oil is needed for a full hair treatment, especially if your hair is long or very thick.

Use The Art Of Massage

Olive oil also works wonders for dry scalp. Simply massage a good amount of oil into your hair and scalp for several minutes. For most effective use, wrap your hair with a shower cap for 15 minutes or more to let the oil soak in.

Comb Your Hair Before Rinsing

Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb before rinsing the oil from your hair and scalp. Not only will this condition your hair well, but it will also make styling and combing easier. For best results, shampoo your hair rigorously with organic shampoo and let it dry well afterwards. You may need to shampoo more than once depending on how much olive oil you have applied.

Who Should Use Olive Oil?

Olive oil may not suit some hair types and textures since some hair retains oil much longer than others. The scalp produces natural oil through sweat glands found in hair follicles. This natural oil travels quicker through thin and straight hair than through curly hair or hair with a coarse texture.

What Olive Oil Does For Thick Hair

Olive oil is most suitable for people with thick hair, as it keeps the strands solid and smooth. Additionally, olive oil is rich in crucial nutrients like omega-3 acids which are essential to holistic health. If applied directly to one’s scalp and hair, olive oil can make the hair thicker.

Olive Oil Works Well For Processed Hair

Hair that has been treated heavily with perms, bleach, or relaxers benefits from the extra layer of moisture olive oil gives. Always wait for about three days after treatment before applying olive oil to your hair.

Olive Oil Is Excellent For Hair With Split Ends

Olive oil is highly beneficial to those with split ends, as it helps smoothen the burned or broken ends of your strands. If you want to enjoy its many benefits, apply the oil to the last two inches of the damaged strands, but make sure you pin your hair while doing it. For reconditioning of the hair, begin from the scalp and massage the oil to the ends of the hair.


There are plenty of products available on the market that claim to contain olive oil, but you can’t beat using the real thing. Apart from its conditioning benefits, olive oil also helps in removing lice and treating dandruff.

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