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It’s Time to Talk About Female Hair Loss

At any one time, thousands of women all over the world are experiencing hair loss. However, it is a subject that is not often discussed and many sufferers are left feeling like they are alone with their worries. In this blog, we aim to change that by shedding light on the realities of female hair loss.

More Common Than You’d Think

Although people are generally more open about hair loss than they were in the past, female baldness is still a somewhat taboo subject. Perhaps this is why so many women are surprised to find out that hair loss is incredibly common. It can be experienced at any age and is caused by factors including hormones, genetics, diet, medications and hairstyling techniques.

The Impact of Hair Loss

The state of our crowning glory is so deeply entwined with how we feel about ourselves that losing hair can have a major impact on all areas of a woman’s life. Whether you prefer to wear long flowing layers or an ultra-short shaved style, sparse growth and hairless patches are embarrassing. Hair loss leaves many women without the confidence to live life as they usually would. Sufferers often say that after noticing their hair loss, they started to avoid social activities and even intimate situations with their partner.

Don’t Hide Hair Loss – Solve It

Hats, headscarves and wigs are a quick-fix cover-up to disguise hair loss. However, they are often inconvenient and they don’t solve the underlying issue. The problem with this is that many female hair loss conditions will get worse unless they are treated. What may start as some unexpected thinning could develop into permanent hair loss. The takeaway here is not to hide it and hope for the best, but to seek expert advice as soon as you notice changes in your hair. You can get a free diagnosis and customised advice from the specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic. They are dedicated to providing the best hair restoration treatments with medical, non-surgical and surgical options available. Contact Vinci today to book your consultation and find out how you can restore your hair.