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Is A Daily Wash Good For Your Hair?

You’ve probably heard people say that washing your hair on a daily basis is not good for it. You’ve probably had just as many others tell you that washing your hair every day is a must.

In reality, there’s virtually no hard evidence to support either point of view. When you get right down to it, hair care is more of a personal choice than anything else. So instead of worrying about the pros and cons of daily washing, you should probably focus instead on the appropriate care and maintenance for your hair.

So How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

For some individuals, washing it too often can cause their hair to feel dry and damaged. Others will know that their hair will look greasy and flat if they fail to wash it often enough. Cleaning your scalp and hair is essential, but the frequency you do this depends on several factors.

Your Physical Activity Levels

What you do during the day is one factor that will determine how often you need to wash your hair. For instance, if you work out and sweat a lot, excess oil will build up on your scalp, leaving your hair clumpy and lifeless. Producing too much oil and sweating will also make you want to wash your hair more frequently, as it can smell less than fresh. For these reasons, we recommend shampooing after a sweaty workout.

Hair Type And Texture

Those with very dry hair need to keep it moisturised and preserve their scalp’s natural oils. To do that, dry-hair types need to avoid washing it too often; shampooing weekly might be enough for these individuals. As an alternative, they can rinse it with water every couple of days without using shampoo.

Thick and curly hair types can also be quite dry, so they probably require less washing too. Fine, thin hair can get oily fast, giving your strands an unattractive, greasy appearance. Straight hair can also get oily because sebum coating happens quicker. Straight hair, therefore, requires you to wash it more often. One final point: hair tends to dry out following treatments with dyes and relaxants, so a more relaxed washing regime is advised around this time.

Styling Products

Styling products like dry shampoo, hair gel and cream can cause the strands and scalp to become oily and clogged. They can also build up on your hair and lead to breakage and damage. Frequent use of these products may require you to wash your hair more often than individuals who skip sprays and creams.

In some cases, washing the hair does not get rid of the styling product build-up. Instead, it becomes so visible that it can be mistaken for dandruff. Over time, it can damage your hair and cause scalp irritation.

The best solution is to use an effective cleansing shampoo. It delivers a deep clean that removes any remaining styling product from the hair and prevents any build-up.

Is it Possible to Over-wash Your Hair?

Even if you have oily hair that requires frequent washing, it’s still possible to over-wash it. The shampoo formulations which enable the removal of excess oil and grease and help clean the scalp can also cause brittleness and frizz if used too often. To avoid further hair damage, watch out for the following signs that you’re washing your hair excessively.

  • Your hair breaks easily – washing your hair too much can make it dry and prone to breakage. It’s also more fragile when damp or wet, so drying it with a towel, followed by aggressive brushing, can also lead to breakage.
  • It seems greasier – If you’re shampooing your hair regularly but notice that it has become oilier, then you’re probably over-washing it. The increase in oil production happens because your scalp will replace the natural oils. Tip: use a sulphate-free shampoo that cleans your hair and scalp thoroughly but doesn’t cause drying.
  • You notice flakes – over-washing can make your scalp so dry that the skin becomes irritated and flakes off. If you notice flakes, ease off on the washing.

Your hair should be shiny, smooth and bouncy, not lying flat and lifeless. If your hair is becoming hard to manage and doesn’t look the way you want, there might be something wrong with how you take care of it. Remember, washing too frequently can damage your hair!


Keeping your hair clean, well-groomed and neat tells the world that you care about your health and overall wellness. Just make sure that, in the process, you don’t inadvertently compromise your hair’s strength and quality.

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