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Has Elon Musk Had a Hair Transplant? Should We Care Either Way?

Elon Musk is rarely off the news for long. If he’s not buying up Twitter, he’s launching rockets into space or the latest electric vehicle onto the market. Then there’s the usual media kerfuffle about his latest date or how many millions of dollars he’s managed to hoover up in the last twenty-four hours. In recent days, however, media outlets have been asking a question about Mr Musk that doesn’t get asked very often: has he had a hair transplant?

If you’re a reasonably well-rounded individual, you’ll probably think ‘Who cares?’ before getting on with more important things in your life like, well, anything at all, really. Yet the fact that this story has received media coverage is interesting when looked at from a different angle. Forget, for a moment, the bit about Elon Musk and the did he / didn’t he hair transplant question. The real question to be answered is why someone – anyone – choosing to have hair restoration treatment is considered a newsworthy story in 2022.

The Tycoon and the Actress

The Elon Musk hair transplant story arises from a Twitter spat with actress Angela Belcamino, someone he was reportedly dating. The fact that she brought up the topic in what many view as a hostile tweet is significant. Was she trying to embarrass the business mogul? Does she think that having a hair transplant is something to be embarrassed about? This is an important point because it goes to the heart of why some people are still reluctant to consider having a hair transplant procedure.

Allaying Fears

It’s undoubtedly true that many people still experience a degree of hesitancy before committing to a hair transplant. Partly, this is due to a fear of the unknown. The whole process of hair transplant surgery is still something of a mystery to the wider public, and let’s face it, who likes to venture into unchartered waters? This kind of fear can be allayed once a client has contacted a clinic and can talk with the staff and medical team carrying out the procedure.

What is more difficult to overcome is the psychological barrier, that stigma that surrounds hair transplants and which underpins the Elon Musk story. Some good news: that barrier is being slowly broken down by the growing number of celebrities who are having a hair transplant and talking about it openly afterwards.

Celebrity Hair Transplant Stories

More and more well-known names from the world of sport, music and film are coming forward to talk about their decision to have a hair transplant. In November 2020, for example, UFC world heavyweight and PRIDE middleweight GP champion Maurício Milani Rua chose Vinci Hair Clinic for his Follicular Extraction Unit (FUE) hair transplant surgery. FUE surgery involves hair follicles from donor areas at the sides and back of the head being moved to the areas where hair has been lost. Shogun Rua was only too happy to discuss his decision to undergo this type of surgery.

A few months later, Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter, Paulo ‘Borrachinha’ Costa, revealed that he too had opted for FUE hair transplant surgery to improve the appearance of his receding hairline. The UFC fighter, who is due to return to action later this year when he fights Luke Rockhold at UFC 277, is proud of his new look and is happy to talk about it if asked.

And There’s More…

Singer Wagner Fiuza-Carrilho, better known as ‘Wagner from X Factor,’ is another high-profile individual who went public about his hair transplant surgery. His success on the popular television talent show resulted in constant media appearances on entertainment programmes and magazines. While good for his career, this frequent exposure highlighted to him the fact that his hair was thinning. He had an FUE hair transplant at Vinci Hair Clinic and has never regretted it.

Other major stars like Billy Bob Thornton and Kevin Costner have chosen to go down the hair transplant route. In the UK and Ireland, actors Jude Law and James Nesbitt and sports stars Wayne Rooney and Paul McGinley have all been happy to talk openly about their procedures. This is undoubtedly a good thing. It’s exactly that kind of coverage that will encourage others to consider having hair restoration treatment and make it just another healthcare procedure.


Hair thinning and hair loss varies from person to person. There are different reasons underlying the hair loss, different degrees of severity and different treatment options. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for hair transplant surgery, and it might not be the most appropriate treatment in any case.

If you are considering a hair transplant, the best thing you can do is to speak to an expert at the earliest opportunity. Here at Vinci Hair Clinic, we have some of the world’s leading hair restoration practitioners ready to help. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to all our new clients. All you have to do is contact us to make an appointment!