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Getting To Know Your Blow-Dryer Attachments And When To Use Them

How your hair dries can make or break your hairstyle. That’s why making sure you’re using a blow-dryer correctly is a must when it comes to styling your hair. Unfortunately, blow-dryers aren’t particularly easy to master with all the different attachments that come with them. And if you’re a first-time user, you may find yourself overwhelmed and choosing to disregard them altogether.

What you must understand, however, is that your blow-dryer alone is often not enough. Since we all have different hair textures, those blow-dryer attachments are needed to help you create your desired style. While your dryer gets your hair from soaking wet to dry in a few minutes, its extensions help with the styling process and leave your hair looking and feeling healthy. So, if you’re ready to maximise the drying and styling power of your blow-dryer, here’s a list of its attachments and how to use them.

The Diffuser Attachment

Although keeping your curls looking shiny and bouncy after applying heat is no easy task, it’s certainly not impossible. That’s where a diffuser comes in. The diffuser is that bowl-shaped attachment with tines sticking out. It gently dries your locks and reduces frizz and static by allowing air to flow through the attachment instead of hitting your hair all at once. By lowering the intensity of airflow your hair receives, the diffuser helps minimise frizz and the disturbance to your curl pattern.

Styling tip: Apply a curl mousse to your damp hair to give it a bouncy look. Then, flip your hair, allowing it to fall over the front of your face while you bend forward. Next, grab your blow-dryer and start drying using the diffuser. Make sure to point it downwards to reduce frizz.

The Concentrator Nozzle

The most common attachment you’ll get with a blow-dryer is the concentrator. That’s the piece with a narrow, elongated vent that works by changing the airflow coming out of your hairdryer. So, instead of coming out fast and hot at once, the concentrator focuses the airflow for a targeted drying process.

In essence, the concentrator gives you more control when drying and styling. It also allows you to channel the airflow to a particular spot on your head. That’s why it’s great for taming unruly textured hair, as the directed heat and pressure work to straighten waves and curls. In addition, the narrow opening delivers intense pressure on the exit, reducing drying time as a result. Without this attachment, the air would blow your hair all over, making it challenging to style.

Styling tip: Use a brush to get smooth, tangle-free straight locks. Then, section your hair and apply heat using the blow-dryer by directing airflow from the roots to the ends. You may aim the concentrator nozzle upwards from your hair roots if you want to add more volume.

The Pick

The pick, if you don’t know, is the comb-like attachment you can use to stretch out your curls and untangle your mane. It’s also a fantastic tool for creating more volume and life for your hair while providing some lifting.

Picks come in a range of lengths, but if you aren’t sure which one you should use, remember that the shorter your hair, the shorter the pick; conversely, longer hair requires a more extended type.

Styling tip: Apply hair cream throughout your locks. It will serve as a heat protectant to add a protective barrier between your hair and the styling tool while minimising frizz and sealing in moisture to keep your locks healthy. Then, blow-dry your hair with the pick attached to add body and volume to your hair.

The Blow-dryer Brush

Think of this tool as a blow-dryer and hairbrush in one. While this hot-air brush isn’t new, it has recently become trendy, especially on social media. At first glance, it looks like any basic or standard boar-bristle brush. The only difference is that it comes with a cord and can dry your hair as you style and brush it. It combines your round brush and blow-dryer, which is perfect for those who don’t have the time to juggle two different tools. The blow-dryer brush is also ideal for anyone who struggles to give themselves a professional-looking blow-out at home.

Styling tip: Work with your damp hair and section it using claw clips. Then, turn on your blow-out brush and place it at the ends. Next, roll it up the length of your hair until it reaches your roots. Wait a few seconds and slowly wind the blow-out brush downwards to unravel your hair and enjoy silky, frizz-free strands.


Now you’re finally ready to blow-dry your hair and use its attachments with ease! Whether it’s the diffuser, concentrator nozzle, or the pick you’re using, the correct attachment can make a huge difference to your hairstyle.

Heat tools and hairstyling can contribute to some forms of hair loss. If your hair is showing signs of heat or styling damage, it’s not too late to take action. Book your free hair health consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic today!