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Experts Predict The Top Hair Trends For 2021

The salons have never been as quiet as they have been throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Hairstylists and barbers have had to shut their doors during the lockdowns, but things may be about to change. The hashtag #LockdownHair has been trending. It’s fair to say, hairdressers and their services have been sorely missed. Now that the world appears on the verge of opening up, with governments talking about relaxing restrictions and letting more businesses operate, what will be the must-have hairdo to look out for in the coming months? Let’s look at the predicted hair trends for 2021.

Trendy 70s Cuts

The seers have thrown their bones, and the oracles have spoken. The message coming through is that something special’s coming back from that exceptional decade, the 1970s. The decade that gave us the first microprocessor is often referred to as a golden age for music and movies. When it comes to hair, natural curls and texture were very much in vogue. With hairdressers closed during lockdown, many people have been forced to embrace this natural look. Some will no doubt choose to continue with this style. The face-framing bangs and the classic bob are sure to come back with, well, a bang. After months of home styling and haphazard trims, women are more than ready to get their hair on point.

A Splash Of Colour

There are two distinct types of people in this world, those who love colour and those sitting on the fence. The fence-sitters opt for safe, tried-and-tested hairstyles. During this pandemic, they’ve done their best to pick easy-to-maintain and fuss-free hair. This group will go for undramatic colour options like chocolate, caramel or blonde. The first group, however, is filled with people who like to make a statement with their hair. These are the trailblazers who go for bright, blinding pinks, fiery reds and rainbow-coloured hair. As lockdown eases, will 2021 be the time for those who dare to be different?

As Nature Intended

The pandemic and the ensuing lockdown allowed many people to press the reset button on their hairstyling. Many women have embraced the natural look, whether that has stemmed from quick chops out of frustration, or a carefully planned return to basics approach. The prediction is that the reformed colour addicts, having had the chance to enjoy their natural hair colour, may just decide to stick with it. It’s amazing how much of a difference going back to basic makes when it comes to transforming appearances.

When it comes to hair, 2021 will be more about embracing the natural hair texture and then finding the perfect products to maintain it.

Going For The Big Chop

A good percentage of the population has managed to get through lockdown without venting all their frustration on their hair. If you’re one of the lucky few whose hair has grown longer and bigger in 2020, then well done!

Quite often, however, bigger hair leads inevitably to a big chop. It’s almost like it’s a bid to get back to ‘normal’, a way of signalling that the wearer is making a fresh start. Going for the dramatic cut doesn’t necessarily mean shaving off all your hair, of course. Celebrity stylists expect more people will be opting for the stylish chop. Many coming from long-length locks prefer something easy to maintain, such as a shag, a pixie or a tapered look.

Mermaid Hair

Perhaps you vowed all through lockdown that you would keep your hair intact. Good for you!  You could be leading one trend that’s really going to take off this year, the one dubbed ‘mermaid’s hair’. The mythical creature is endowed with silky, waist-long tresses. With stylists and barbers closed up for many months, it’s been the opportune time for many to try and grow out their hair. Not only do we predict that long hair will trend, but watch out also for the sale of mermaid costumes to hit the roof by summer. You heard it here first!

New Hair Products?

The year 2020 really messed up a lot of things, including the launch of new hair products. However, there has been a spiking demand for naturalness and sustainability in the hair care industry. As more people embrace their natural hair colour and texture, they’re turning to natural products to match. This has been particularly the case in the afro-hair movement, where natural and organic are gaining traction. You’ll no doubt be finding a shift towards the organic and natural end of the scale for most new product launches in 2021, as manufacturers rush to try to serve this growing market and meet the demand.

More Hair Loss Problems?

Stress is a proven contributor to hair loss. With the ongoing pandemic, there’s been more than enough stress to go around. If you’ve noticed sudden hair loss in the last few months and your hair is visibly thinner, you may be experiencing telogen effluvium (TE). TE is a form of temporary hair loss which is caused by stress or medication. Dermatologists may find themselves dealing with more patients experiencing hair loss as the pandemic comes to a close.

Vinci Hair Clinic specialises in helping people deal with hair loss. Whether it’s due to stress or some other cause, you need a proper diagnosis before receiving effective treatment. Book your free consultation and let Vinci Hair Clinic experts advise you on all your options!

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Experts Predict The Top Hair Trends For 2021 2